Blog · September 28, 2019

10 Most Popular Types of Mail Packaging

You have plenty of options when it comes to mail packaging these days. In fact, it is easier than it has ever been before to send all sorts of things by post. Mail solutions are easy to use, environmentally friendly, and even come in fun and customizable designs. Although your options will vary from company to company, here are some of the most popular types of mail packaging that you can use next time you have a special item to send.

1. Standard mailing bags

Typically made from a thick grade of polythene, standard mailing bags will be your go-to choice for a variety of different mailing needs. Nowadays, they are often nade from recycled material and therefore also offer an environmentally-friendly solution.

These types of mail packaging generally have a peel and seal strip for easy and efficient closure and are subject to rigorous manufacturing tolerance. You can also also customize your mailing boxes, bags and packaging with a range of multi-purpose labels depending on your task.

2. Eco mailing bags

In addition to your standard offering, you can also now find mailing bags that are specifically designed to be super eco-friendly and also ones able to stand up to intense weather. The best eco bags available are made from sugar cane, the greenest material on the market. They are fully recyclable, yet they contain the same properties as standard oil derived polythene, meaning no compromise on the strength or quality.

In fact, mail bags produced in this way can ever claim the title carbon neutral, because the carbon dioxide taken from the atmosphere in the growing process, offsets the carbon dioxide emitted through production and transport.

3. Weather mailing bags

If you’re particularly worried that your package might encounter some rough weather along its journey, you can also choose to go with a special weather bag. These types of mail packaging are subject to a higher manufacturing tolerance, are thicker, and are waterproof and bubble lines. Despite the added protection, they are still lightweight and therefore won’t end up costing you a fortune on postage.

4. Custom packaging

If you’re looking to really make an impression with the mail packaging you choose, you also have lots of options to choose from. There are lots of different ways you can customize, including using creative labels or even designing your own packaging tape. You can find items like metallic bubble wrap pouches widely available and many of the options mentioned above come in a variety of different colours.

If you have a particular packaging idea that you would like to bring to life, it is a good idea to contact a few different companies and see if they work something out to help you execute the product. Regardless, rest assured that mail packaging certainly doesn’t have to be boring.

5. Postal tubes

When it comes to safely sending artwork, prints, plans, or posters, is its postal tubes to the rescue. Made from strong brown cardboard and sealed with a plastic, this durable packaging solution also has polyethylene end caps to secure items inside. With a Kraft paper outer layer, they are also tear resistant while providing a professional finish.

6. Book wrap mailers

Book wrap mailers are specifically designed for sending all types of printed material, books, DVDs, and software. With each size featuring a peel-&-seal strip and tear open strip, they are also multi-scored and therefore able to cater to different sizes of books.

7. Picture frame boxes

These neat telescopic cardboard boxes are designed for best fit around products. Made from strong double-wall cardboard, they are most commonly used to pack flat items such as paintings, photographs and other artwork. Puncture and tear resistant, a sliding lid means the height of the box is adjustable to fit a number of picture sizes

8. Padded paper envelops

If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly alternative to bubble lined envelopes, 100% recyclable paper padded envelopes are a great option. Rather than plastic, these specially engineered envelops contain corrugated fluting that acts as a layer of cushioning while in transit. Available in a range of sizes, they all feature a secure peel-&-seal strip and are subject to strict manufacturing tolerance.

9. Temperature-controlled pouches

Ideal if you need to send food, liquids, or pharmaceuticals, these pouches offer temperature-controlled envelope-shaped protection. They also offer flexible thermal protection for narrower produce and are liquid-proof and puncture resistant. If using a temperature-controlled pouch, make sure you review all the details of your exact requirements to ensure that your items arrive safely.

10. Foam-lined boxes

If a simple cardboard box just isn’t going to cut it, you can also choose to go with a foam-lined box for added protection. Great for sending glass items, jewellery, giftware, and crockery, these boxes provide the ultimate protection throughout the delivery process. Manufactured from strong low-density polyurethane, because of the egg-box style of the foam inserts, they are especially adaptable for a variety of consignment items.