Blog · May 10, 2022

11 Different Home Exterior Renovation Ideas

An inspiring home exterior could be only a renovation away. More than a coat of paint done right, a home exterior renovation can increase a property’s curb appeal with additions and architectural changes.

A home exterior renovation idea can accessorize what’s already there, highlight the charm, or be a total re-design. Take your house from dull to showstopping with home exterior renovation ideas.

Check these eleven different home exterior renovation ideas:

Idea #1: Landscaping

Your landscaping is not entirely separate from your home’s exterior. It’s very much a part of its look. Anything overgrown can be paired back.

You may want to replace certain trees or plants, add new greenery in and withdraw others, and make adjustments as you see fit. Tremendous colour can be added to an exterior by moving around the landscaping.

Idea #2: Porch or Deck

A front porch or back deck provides significant value and function to a home. These are the renovations that so many homeowners want. They alter the outdoor living space and can be formatted as large or small as you like.

The size of such a home alteration would vary according to the size of the home and what sort of square footage is available.

Idea #3: Flat Roofing

A new roof is regularly concluded as the best home exterior renovation idea when it comes to value. The average homeowner recovers 107% of the original cost. Try flat roofing if you want to reformat your roofing while you’re at it.

A flat roof adds square footage for various functions, allows you to layout solar panels. Also, flat roofing systems are often cheaper than pitched roofs. You can get a quote from a flat roofing company and proceed from there.

Idea #4: Contrasting Textures

A trendy exterior renovation is to establish contrasting textures. This is done by adding a skirt or accent wall, using different materials like stone or brick. There are ways to use architecture or something like stucco to add new and interesting textures, updating the aesthetics of your home to the trends and décor styles you prefer.

Idea #5: Decorative Accents

The siding on a home can be simplistic, or you can add exquisite and extraordinary detail and accents. Many siding styles exist, from shingles to panels, corrugated metal, trim, board-and-batten, etc. They can be applied to eaves, towers, or attached sections. If decorative pieces aren’t already there, homeowners may choose to install them.

Idea #6: Add Wood Elements

Wood is a beautiful material that does not get enough praise for home exteriors. A few wood accents that catch the eye and correspond well to the colour and architecture already present can contribute a lot from a visual standpoint. Though not every property will be ideal for wood, some are.

Idea #7: Installing New Siding

Siding can become damaged over time. When re-installing new siding, something like fibre cement not only adds a fresh visual but more efficient performance. Fibre cement siding does not peel or crack as wood and vinyl can in a simple renovation. It also protects from moisture and insects. Any time you replace an exterior element, consider the durability just as you would the colour.

Idea #8: Add Or Rebuild An Addition

Additions can be tricky. If they aren’t built well, they can look run down after a few years and experience structural issues. Tearing down addition and rebuilding it, constructing a new addition that adds square footage to your home, or fixing up an existing addition are home renovation ideas that can help reflect a more attractive property and deliver a more cohesive aesthetic.

Idea #9: Redoing Doors and Windows

Your doors and windows are a natural focal point for the eyes to go. Use this. Home exterior renovations can be very inexpensive, switching out your door for something new and dressing up your windows with new trim or features.

These spaces can be easily overdone, though, so it’s smart to always pull back a little from what you think might work and consult with a design expert to ensure there aren’t any major visual conflicts.

Idea #10: Enlarge Your Windows

A very attractive upgrade you can do when it comes to an exterior renovation is to enlarge windows. Some do floor-to-ceiling windows, but you don’t necessarily need those.

By simply changing the shape and size of the shape, you can add a modern look to an even older home. Small windows aren’t preferable to many people, so newer homes have windows with dimensions quite a bit larger than older ones.

Idea #11: Update Stone Pathways

A pathway to the front door. The driveway. Any stone can wear down, break, and look weathered after a certain point. Updating a driveway or pathway up to the front door can add fresh aesthetics and stability to the overall look. You can go pure function or be more decorative in how you choose to style these sorts of property features. These upgrades make simple finishing touches that carry a major visual impact in home exterior renovations.