Blog · November 19, 2019

12 Fun Office Supplies for Your Desk

There are people who only display serious yet functional office supplies on their desks. And there are people who work surrounded by fun gadgets and cool, colourful objects. Those are often the ones who know how to make their coworkers smile or laugh during a boring, or stressful day.

If you feel like your desk could use a bit of a fun makeover, these 12 fun office supplies for desk should inspire you.

1. A funny mug

Every office worker needs at least one coffee mug. Why settle for a boring, plain white mug when there are so many funny mugs out there? They come in all shapes and sizes, or they can simply feature a funny slogan or some sassy remark. Choose one that matches your personality! Or choose a few of them, because you can never own too many coffee mugs.

2. Inspirational pencils

Displaying a few inspirational pencils on your desk is a fun way to convey a message, or to make your coworkers laugh. Many companies are offering their own take on these colourful pencils that display a few printed words, so it’s up to you to find the ones you prefer.

3. Erasers with fun shapes

Just like some coffee mugs, erasers can be boring. Fortunately, there is also a variety of fun erasers to choose from. You can get a colourful eraser, an oversized one, or one that is shaped like your favourite animal or like fast food menu items. Which one of these fun office supplies will you choose for your desk?

4. A cool tape dispenser

Tape dispensers are functional, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look cute or silly. A quick online search will show you tape dispensers shaped like dogs, cats, unicorns, dinosaurs, or your favourite movie or cartoon characters. The most difficult part will be choosing the one you like the most.

5. A heated mouse pad

If it gets cold in your office during the cold season, you might be tempted to wear gloves or mittens while you work. Or you could simply buy a USB heated mouse pad that will keep your hands warm and cozy. These fun office supplies on your desk will be sure to make your coworkers jealous.

6. A USB fan

There is nothing like a USB fan to help you stay cool during a hot summer day at the office. But did you know some models of USB fans could display a LED clock, or allow you to display your own custom message? Do a bit of shopping to really find the coolest USB fan.

7. Colourful keyboard stickers

Did you know it was possible to decorate the keyboard of your laptop? Keyboard stickers can be used to turn your keyboard into a photo you really like, into an elegant design, or simply into a mosaic of vivid colours. The possibilities are endless!

8. Kinetic desk toys

Adults like to play with toys just as much as children do. A kinetic desk toy can serve as a beautiful decoration for your desk, but it can also serve as a stress-reliever, or simply as some fun toy to fidget with when you get bored.

9. A cute planter

Keeping a plant on your desk can help reduce your stress, and even improve your health and your productivity. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a big green plant, or a tiny succulent. Instead of keeping your desk plant in an ordinary planter, you can get a cute planter to add another touch of colour to your cubicle.

10. A miniature desk zen garden

If you don’t think you can successfully take care of a plant, how about maintaining a miniature desk zen garden? There are many models available, and they can bring some peace and tranquillity to a busy work day. Use your tiny rake to draw patterns in the sand of your mini zen garden, and forget about your worries.

11. A customized desk sign

Desk signs are not only for bosses and managers. No matter what you do at the office, you can get a customized desk sign that will display a fun or clever comment. Why not get a few of these fun office supplies for your desk, and change them according to your mood of the moment?

12. A kitchen timer

Why would you keep a kitchen timer on your desk? Well, apart from the fact that a cool one can act as a decorative item, you can use a kitchen timer to make a game out of some boring tasks you don’t feel like doing. Set your timer, and see if you can finish the task before it goes off!

Those are just a few examples of fun office supplies you could display proudly on your desk. Many useful items and silly gadgets can become a part of your daily work routine, and make you and your coworkers smile.