Blog · November 13, 2019

12 Most Useful Things to 3D Print

The possibilities when it comes to 3D printing are very exciting. In addition to endless opportunities when it comes to design innovation, 3D printing is also more accessible to the average person than it has ever been before. What being said, a lot of things being 3D printed tend to be a bit useless, trinkets or ornaments that are interesting for about five minutes before they get tucked away never to be seen again. That doesn’t need to be the case though.

3D printers are a wonderful new technology that has lots to offer. Below are twelve most useful things to 3D print and make good use of this inventive technology:

1. Wallets

Practical, sharp, and with a nifty set of compartments to help you stay organized, a 3D printed wallet or money clip is a great thing to create for yourself or someone else. With many sleek, pocketable designs available for online download, you’ll be carrying your daily essentials in style before you know it.

Depending on your needs, you can find a wallet design with room for a key, parking ticket, credit cards, and a few bills. Some even subtly fan out to display the cards housed within. If you like to keep things simple, you can go for a money clip and keep your pockets light as can be.

2. USB cable organizer

Everyone could use a cable organizer in their life. If you think you’re an exception, you’re simply not being honest with yourself. A cable organizer can save you time, frustration, and enhance your overall quality of life. These designs come in different versions, so no matter what your cable organizing needs are, you’ll be able to find the right solution for you.

3. Under table laptop holder

This is another incredibly handy invention that you will find yourself using every day. Instead of sliding your laptop under the sofa of misplacing it under a pillow when you’re trying to tidy up for guests, keep it somewhere you know you’ll be able to find it. Be smart, keep it hidden but accessible with this simple printable that affixes to the underside of a wooden desk, table or shelf.

4. Door hold

Ever tried to create a cross-breeze in your home or apartment, only to open up some windows and have a door slam violently shut moments later? Luckily, you are only step away from a simple solution to your door holding needs. With different designs available for download, you can even opt for one where you’ll be able to avoid any awkward kicking at a wedge.

5.  Pen and pencil holder

With some truly beautiful and creative designs now available, make your desk the envy of everyone at work with a super cute pen and pencil holder. There is no need for office supplies to be boring, so have fun choosing one of these cool, curvy designs to keep your stationery stationary.

6. Sound amplifier

Another stroke of genius, allow yourself to be dazzled by the potential of this small invention. You’re now only one print away from being able to use this passive amplifier to turn your smartphone into a mini sound system. Try it for yourself and see what a difference it makes.

7. Coasters

Coasters are simple and useful things to 3D print. Protect and beautify your tabletops with a set of fun coasters. Completely customizable, you can easily print a set that is still all your own.

8. Plastic wrench

Handy, practical, and just a very cool thing to be able to print off in a jiffy, you never when a wrench might just save the day. Fully articulated, these neat little guys are great for all sorts of general purpose home repairs.

9. Self-watering planter

Who hasn’t forgotten to water their plants before? Allow that to be a thing of the past by printing off this automatic plant waterer. Particularly useful for kitchen herbs, you can help them last much longer even if you forget to take care of them.

10. Privacy protection for laptops

The truth is, in an age of diminished online privacy, fewer people feel comfortable with a front-facing camera on their laptops. These are useful things to 3D print for people who spend a lot of time online. Allow this cool design to seamlessly solve that problem for you and forget the awkward sticky note of strip of tape.

11. Bottle opener

Bottle openers are never around when you need them. Thankfully, you can now simply 3D print as many as you like. Durable enough to stay of use, you can also choose any colour under the sun.

12. Whistles

Whether you end up needing it or not, having a survival whistle on hand is never a bad idea. A small but mighty little work of design genius, this whistle can register at 188 decibels. That is assurance and peace of mind that you’re never going to be completely out of earshot. Thank you 3D printed survival whistle.