Blog · February 27, 2020

4 Reasons Why Ridding Your Home Of Pests Is Difficult

Pests have irritated humanity since the beginning of time. Mankind has done all he knows to rid his home of pests, but they just keep going and going like the Energizer Bunny.

Pests annoy us, because we know they pass through sewers and other unsavory places. They carry diseases from these. They proliferate out of all bounds. Here are four reasons why it’s difficult to rid a home of pests.

1. From The Outside In

Obviously, pests come from outside your house. The goal is to prevent them from getting in. To do that, you must close off any entry points such as cracks in the foundation or cladding material like siding.

Traditionally, mulch around plantings is placed against the house. Keep any mulch or potting compounds at least one foot away from the foundation. In its place, you can use newspaper and/or cardboard, gravel, rubber mulch, pine needles, or hay.

These do just as good a job of insulating plants and roots, and pests will stay away from such unappetizing materials. Even so, pest control companies always begin controlling from the outside in.

2. Pests Go Where Food And Water Is Located

Pests need food, water, and shelter in order to live. Deny them these, and you cut down a pest population. Make sure your drainage is better than adequate. Standing water on your property or close to the house is an open invitation to pests.

Caulk or otherwise close off entry around outside pipes or lines entering the house. Move stacks of wood or any clutter away from the house. Check what you bring into the house in bags or boxes for pests before entry into the house.

3. Cleaning Is Not Overrated

Homeowners hear it every day: keep the house clean. Pests find clutter in which to lay their eggs and hide from your pest control efforts. They find spills, food remnants in the sink or trash can, and water in the kitchen and bathrooms for sustenance.

Wiping up moisture in the kitchen and bathrooms denies water to pests. Properly disposing of food in the trash and keeping it taken outside denies pests food. Keep any food tightly lidded and in the fridge. Roaches, for example, can shimmy into things due to the fact they can flatten themselves to hide in folds, crevices, or beneath some lids.

4. Once Is Never Enough

Pests move away from areas treated by pest control efforts. They come back when the coast is clear. They continue to proliferate despite homeowners’ best control efforts. Your house must be treated multiple times, both inside and outside, in order to see a noticeable difference.

Because pest control companies know how difficult pest removal is, their formulations have gotten better over time. Relax. We have this. Additional resources can be found at Quality Affordable Pest Control.