Blog · February 28, 2020

5 Best Locations for a TV Stand in Your Loft

When decorating small spaces, such as apartments and condominiums, you will want to make the most out of every square inch. Some pieces of furniture can be used for dual purposes, such as a TV stand. Depending on your interior decorating tastes, it can either be the centerpiece of the room or a subtle accent piece.

Here are the five best locations for a TV stand in your loft:

1. Bookcase

If you are an avid book or magazine collector, turning your TV stand into a bookcase is an optimal way to integrate two pieces of furniture. If you have an in-depth book collection and want to highlight it, consider either a stand with lower shelving that is open-faced or has glass doors. If you have stacks of magazines, selecting a stand with solid doors can hide the mess but still allow you easy access to the literature.

2. Storage

When living in tight spaces, you need to be creative when it comes to storing things. A TV stand can be the perfect solution for tucking away rarely used items. Some stands that are made for storage look like a chest of draws, and they can easily blend in with couches and rugs. The stand and storage containers look like they are part of the room instead of add-ons. The Loft Design Company has plenty of TV stands and storage options, allowing you to pick the right fit and size that fits your apartment.

3. Place Holders

The top of an LED TV stand should also be utilized. It can be a good location for photographs or a small lamp, and if there is not enough space left in the electrical outlet after plugging in all of the television’s components, consider a flat plug-in extender. These plug directly into the existing wall outlet. They lie relatively flat against the wall and add several more spaces.

4. Corner Piece

In any living room, the corners can become wasted space. There are stands specifically manufactured to fit into small pocket corners, and it is still possible to angle the chairs around the corner to make viewing easy. When windows and heaters take up much of the wall space, a corner stand is an excellent way to fit a television in. Moving the TV to one corner also frees up more of your wall space for artwork or photographs.

5. Focal Point

It is not necessary to move the TV off to the side or out of the way. They can be the focal point of a modern room. To make the TV the prominent feature in the space, select a freestanding LED TV stand that is large enough to cover most of the length of one wall. Center the TV and place eye-catching accent pieces on each side of it. These will draw attention to the set and visually frame it.