Blog · April 23, 2018

5 Reasons a Career in Supply Chain Management Is So Rewarding

According to many experts, getting certified in your supply chain management job is the perfect way to climb the corporate ladder, and regardless of the size or type of business you work in, they also recommend you take certain supply chain management courses to qualify for those accreditations, which is not difficult to do. These types of courses cover many areas, such as business management, logistics, hospitality and hotel management, tourism and travel services, and even nutrition and food services management, so they cover any industry you may be employed in. Regardless of the industry, you may be wondering if a career in supply chain management is worth the effort, but in fact, there are many advantages to choosing this fulfilling career, and below are five of those advantages.

1. You Have a Big Part of Quality Assurance Efforts in Your Company

Since many companies are now international and have locations all over the world, quality assurance has become somewhat of a challenge. However, since most supply chain managers include certain techniques that check for quality – including quality management systems – operations is actually improved. Better yet, you can actually be a part of those efforts.

2. Risk Mitigation is an Important Part of Your Job

Managing risk is crucial in any business, and supply chain managers can assist management with organizing those risks and determining if internal or external failures are a possibility. This is an important job, and it’s all part of a supply chain manager’s job.

3. You Get to be a Part of the Efforts to Better Manage Inventory

Having the right amount of inventory on-hand at all times – without having too many or too few items – is a challenge, but part of a supply chain manager’s job is determining inventory buffer levels and analyzing historical trends, which directly affect the amount of inventory you need. Supply chain managers, in other words, get to play an active role in determining how much inventory is enough.

4. You Get to Help Make Sure Your Shipping Costs are Both Adequate and Affordable

Due to customers now ordering so many items online, shipping costs can vary greatly from one product to another. Because of this, supply chains often have to be readjusted, which means supply chain managers are at the forefront of finding ways to reduce shipping costs, while at the same time making sure shipping runs efficiently and smoothly.

5. You Can Go Into Any Number of Career Fields

Almost every business needs a supply chain manager, so whether your preferred industry is an industrial warehouse, the hospitality industry, food services and restaurants, or even retail, you can enjoy a productive and long-lasting career in supply chain management.

Supply chain managers have a job that is truly invaluable, because what they do directly affects nearly every other department in the company. If this is a career you’d like to explore further, you don’t have to look any further than the Internet. Online information is easy to find, and once you research the field of supply chain management, you’ll understand why it is such a popular career choice.