Blog · June 7, 2018

5 Smart Reasons to Choose Android When Developing an App

Custom Android app development has gained significant popularity over the past few years. Today, mobile applications have taken over the business world, and more than 75% of devices use the Android platform. Here are key reasons why you should choose the Android platform for app development.

1. Open Source

Custom Android app development is an open source platform. In other words, it is not restricted to the Android Market alone. This gives you a lot of room to be creative and innovative when it comes to app development.

The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) can be leveraged without worrying about royalty or licensing costs. With the SDK, developers can communicate easily with the community on future expansions of mobile app development.

These benefits make Android a thriving prospect for app developers, device manufacturers, and business owners.

2. Pro-active Testing

The Android platform is easy to integrate. More so, the SDK allows you to install and run your applications on your smartphone during creation. This makes it possible for developers to analyze the efficiency of the app on different kinds of devices without additional costs. Thus, custom android app development is relatively cost-effective.

Equally impressive is the fact that developers can easily tweak the app on the Android platform in accordance with their client’s specific needs.

3. Easy to Adopt

If you are conversant in the Java programming language, then developing an app on the Android platform should be easy. Most people who can code in Java find it easier to write apps for Android.

Plus, app launching is easy and stress-free. All that’s required of you is to first register yourself as a developer then submit your .apk file. It’s that simple.

Entering into the Android market is easy. The best part is that custom Android app development allows rooting on Android devices and installing custom ROMs. This is neither acceptable nor permissible on other platforms.

4. More Android Users

As stated earlier, more than 75% of mobile devices use the Android platform. Failure to capitalize on this highly profitable market now might result in losing business opportunities.

Many customers have gone mobile, and developing a custom app for your business gives you an edge over the competition. Find yourself a professional who specializes in custom Android app development to build a unique and user-friendly app for your business. It will increase your customer base and, in turn, improve your sales.

5. Compatibility

With the Android platform, developers can build an app that is compatible with multiple devices. As a matter of fact, the Android platform comes with application development tools and technologies for various kinds of devices.

Plus, if you build an iOS app, it will take several weeks for deployment. This is not the case for Android apps. Fast deployment of apps has made the Android platform highly sought after by developers. Unlike other platforms, you can deploy an Android app within just a few hours or days.

Regardless of whether you are a product-based or service-based company, building a custom Android app for your business is a necessity as it will give you an edge over your competitors.