Blog · November 7, 2018

5 Things to Tell the Movers on Moving Day

Moving day is often busy and can be stressful as you transition from one household to another. The movers play an essential role, so it is important to stay on schedule and update them with any new or changed information. Although you want to plan ahead as much as possible and respect the movers’ time and schedule, here are 5 things to let them know.

1. Confirm the Moving Day Schedule

When the movers arrive, quickly review the day’s schedule to confirm expected arrival times at the new location as well as your travel plans to meet them there. Even if it is just across town, if you have had an unexpected schedule change due to your job, a child’s school activity, or a medical situation, inform the crew so they can adjust their schedule as needed.

2. Explain Important Information

Although your agreement with the moving company likely includes a detailed list of requests and instructions, you might think of additional things that should be explained to the movers. This might include adding the doghouse and trash cans to the list of outdoor items to be moved, for example, if your original agreement simply states “outdoor items” or “lawn equipment”.

3. Update the Crew of Changes / Adjustments

Your moving activities and plans were likely planned in advance with the moving company. However, last-minute changes can occur sometimes, or you may have forgotten to mention certain key details about how a delicate lamp should be transported or that you are expecting a meal drop-off from a friend but must run to the post office quickly to sign for a certified package. Make a list of notes to tell the movers about any significant changes from the original plan.

4. Provide Supplemental Details

If a friend is going to stop by and supervise the truck loading process while you attend your child’s school event, let the movers know so they can be aware of who to approach with questions. If there is an outdoor stray cat that might try to slip through an open door while the truck is being loaded, let the movers know so they can try to keep the animal outside. Check out Matco if you would like to learn more information.

5. Describe any Amenities

Let the company know in advance if you are going to provide snacks, beverages, or a light lunch. While this is not expected, some people like to have refreshments available for the moving crew. Contact the company beforehand or let the main mover and crew know when they get there that the snacks are available and where they are located, along with napkins and cutlery if needed.

Explaining details in advance to the chief mover can save time and frustration for all.