Blog · January 24, 2019

5 Ways of Preventing Leaks In Food Packaging

Food manufacturing and packaging organizations have for a longer period been reminded to ensure that they should professionally package food products to avoid leaks. While others have bought leak detection equipment to minimize leaks, others continue to lag. This is the reason why there are many cases of food poisoning. Other problems such as corrosion and excessive leaks have also been detected. Here are some industrial methods that companies can use to prevent leaks.

1. Use the Right Packaging Materials

Manufacturing companies have been looking for alternative methods of packing other than the traditional metal cans so that they can save money. In this process, some of them are currently using plastic cans and even polythene bags to seal food. This is a dangerous method as both plastic and polythene bags can easily be damaged leading to leaks. Companies should use recommended packaging materials such as metal cans to prevent leaks.

2. Inspect Food Packages

Physical inspection of food packages is one of the most important methods of preventing food from leaking. This should be done on every food package that is produced and packaged in the company. Business leaders should incorporate seriousness in the physical detection of leaks with the aim of finding the packages that have huge leaks. This process will help in ensuring that the package does not go further before it can be packaged professionally.

3. Use Leak Detection Equipment

Sometimes it is difficult to detect leaks from the packages, especially when the leaks are tiny. This leaves the food packing companies with no option but to invest in a leak detection equipment. This equipment will help in detecting leaks in all the packages that have been sealed by the company. Leak detection machines are handy because they can be able to detect leaks where physical methods are not working. The problem is that organizations have to invest a considerable amount of money when buying this tool.

4. Invest in the Right Equipment

Manufacturing companies should not only spend their resources on purchasing a leak detection machine. They should make sure that they purchase the right equipment for the company. The leak equipment that organizations incorporate should be able to detect leaks in various cans and bottles. The machine should also be able to detect leaks originating from very tiny holes of millimeter thickness. For a better understanding, Flexpak inc may be able to provide additional information on their website.

5. Use Different Leak Detection Methods

Using multiple leak detection methods is an essential undertaking because it ensures that there are no incidences of leaks in a particular package. For example, a food manufacturing company should consider using both immersion and vacuum chamber leak detection methods in the same package to ascertain that there is no leak. Using multiple methods to detect leaks is very useful because one method may be where one succeeds.