Blog · December 1, 2018

5 Ways to Facilitate Your Moving Day Agenda

Chances are you have been planning a household or office move for weeks, if not months. You’ve gone over it so often in your head that you have the day all planned out from hour to hour. But it is easy for glitches to appear out of nowhere and cause last-minute headaches as you hurriedly rush to problem solve an issue. Here are five tips to help you nail down the moving plan and avoid disruptions.

1. Prepare an estimated schedule

While you have a pretty good idea of the order of tasks that need to be done, it helps to make a schedule and try to follow it. You will be surprised to find that some actions take longer than others, or there could be unexpected delays. Posting a schedule for all to see can help family and movers to stay on track. If you need more information, Matco moving solutions may be able to provide you with additional resources on their website.

2. Plan an Early Start

Even if you are not usually an early riser, the day of your move might be a good day to change that. Although sleeping in probably sounds like a good idea with a busy day ahead, rising at the crack of dawn, or not long after, will help you get organized by reviewing the schedule, managing overlooked details, and preparing to meet the movers when they arrive. You will likely feel better with additional time to get prepared.

3. Inform Friends, Family, and Neighbors

Of course, you have announced the move to close friends, relatives, and coworkers. But don’t forget the neighbors and more distant acquaintances and family members who might unexpectedly drop by for a chat and walk into your house filled with movers and boxes. Someone on your block with whom you exchange greetings routinely could decide to pop in to see what’s going on.

4. Follow Up on Utility Service Orders

As the big day approaches, it is a good idea to double-check utility service requests that have been already submitted, if it has been awhile. This will ensure you will have active utilities at the place you’re moving from, temporarily, as well as at your destination location.

5. Be Available to the Moving Crew

If you need to run an errand or work in the yard while the movers are there, let at least one mover know where you’ll be and how to reach you, if needed. A quick text message or phone call can save everyone time rather than expecting the movers to wait until you return from a coffee run.

Following up on pre-moving plans can help to avoid mistakes or miscommunication. In addition, ask the lead mover or the moving company in advance how to contact the main person if a question should arise.