Blog · October 4, 2017

6 Main Types of Stretch Film You Must Know

Stretch film is the plastic film that is used to wrap items. The film is capable of stretching, and this keeps the products tightly bound. The most efficient and safest way of moving product is using the pallet wrap. The cover will ensure the security of your product. The film ensures the product remains intact where you left them regardless of the method of movement. However, the film is of different sizes and qualities. Each type is designed to address a particular need of your wrapping operation. If you would like to learn more, visit Malpack Corp. Here is the list that consists various types of film, their conditions and how they are applied.

1. Cast stretch film

The other name of cast film is cast wrap. The film is made through the process of extrusion that involves pushing a billet of material, to create a rod or pipe. The following are the typical feature of the cast film: The film is smooth, entirely clear, capable of resisting tear, quiet unwind, uniform thickness, and perfect optic. The features are suitable for a particular need. The film uses a multi-layered technology which boosts the strength of the film, thus using less petroleum, and therefore lowering the costs.

2. Blown stretch film

The film is also made using the blown film extrusion process. The blown film is also known as blown film. The film has the following features: bad optic, not clear, loud unwind, excellent puncture resistance, and high force of load.

3. Manual pallet wrap

This film is applied manually. The film is also known as hand film or hand wrap. The film is suitable for lower operations. The efficiency of the film is re-evaluated on a regular basis instead of upgrading a machine wrapper. Getting the correct stretch applicator is better, and therefore the packaging operation cost is low.

4. Machine pallet film

This type uses a stretch wrap machine. The film is more efficient as compared with hand film, because of the following reasons. High speed, suitable packaging, cost of packaging material is low, an application is conducive, and the security of load. The film is common in converted film, cast film, and blown film.

5. Converted film

The film is stretched before covering the load. The film is very beneficial because of the following reasons: Amount of film is reduced thus reducing the cost, only a few revolutions are required to wrap the item, saves time, Low wastage, and finally, the film is strong and consistent.

6. Specialty film

These a unique film that has a general purpose of specific packaging needs and it’s puncture resistant. For example, max film, Heavy huge wrap, Roll wrap film, wrap film, colored stretch film, and full web wrap.

Those are the main types of pallet wrap. If you need to use one, consider the above helpful tips to the best film that is suitable for your need.