Blog · April 22, 2021

6 Possible Reasons Why Do My Joints Ache

We all have experienced joint pain in our lives. Over-exercising and suffering from an injury cause swelling in the joints and it can be a nagging pain that lasts. These are temporary though so once you rest and rehab, your body should get back to normal.

What about persistent discomfort in your joints? This can be in the form of aches, tenderness, swelling, and pain during movement. Sometimes the cause isn’t obvious and we have to find out the source.

There is something you can do about joint pain. Start by visiting a chiropractor to get relief for your joint pain. Life doesn’t have to be lived in misery. It should be enjoyed and rejoiced.

Here are 6 reasons on why you have joints ache and how to reduce it:

1. Lack Of Exercise

A lack of exercise is one of the most common reasons why your joints ache. When we were kids you couldn’t keep us still. All we wanted to do was run and jump and climb and play. As we get older and reach adulthood, play turns into work and we have less time to be active. If you have joint pain it may be from lack of exercise.

Why would we want to move around when we are already in pain? Lack of movement weakens our muscles and limits the range of movement. Then in our daily lives if we push too fast and far we can experience pain. Exercising strengthens the muscles around your joints and gives you more flexibility. By staying alive you can combat that joint pain. Find an activity that you enjoy so you will do it often.

2. Increasing Age

The one thing in life we can’t stop is ageing. We are given this body for life and our joints have to support us along the way. Weight-bearing joints like our hips and knees are under stress constantly and we should think about how to function without overloading the system. Reaching and repetitive lifting is usually the cause of this pain because the cartilage in your joints wear down over time.

Taking breaks from hard labour and resting your body is a good start. Getting rid of inflammation is key as well and massage and acupuncture is a proven method for pain relief from sore joints and muscles. You can take steps to lessen joint pain as you age.

3. Anxiety

Anxiety disorders cause functional disturbances in the body. Fear is a general feature of anxiety and can produce stress inflammation which very common in joint pain. All inflammation is bad but with an injury, it lessons over time. Having ongoing anxiety creates chronic inflammation and that will cause swelling in the joints, leading to pain during movement.

Addressing your anxiety will help stop this persistent condition. There are many ways to work on your stress including counselling, medication and exercise. Other techniques include meditation, massage, tapping and grounding. Conquering stress is a tough road and it is rampant in our modern society. Take steps to lessen the stress in your life and lessen the pain in your joints.

4. Old Injuries

It’s pretty easy to recover from injuries when you are young. As you age, these may be weak points that lead to later inflammation. Broken bones, ligament tears and tendon injuries can come back later in life to cause joint pain. Arthritis and bursitis make their way into old injuries. Both these afflictions can be treated with medicine and alternative therapies.

Remember to properly have your injuries treated right away so hopefully, they don’t come back to haunt you.

5. Chronic Diseases

There are a number of diseases that can contribute to joint pain. Arthritis is a big one as it directly affects the joints. Lupus and Lyme disease also causes pain in the joints, muscles and nerves. Obesity is another factor that has a negative effect on your joints.

While you may suffer from one or more of these afflictions, you can get medication and treatment to alleviate some of the pain.

6. Nutrition And Other Intakes

It is said that we are what we eat. Our bodies are affected by what we consume and over time the results manifest themselves in various ways including joint pain. Overeating causes obesity and that leads to inflammation. It is also a risk factor for osteoporosis arthritis.  Try replacing fat causing foods and eat as much wholesome, healthy food as you can.

Alcohol and cigarettes have negative health benefits that we don’t need to be reminded of. They deplete the body of oxygen and nutrients as well as water. This is not good for your joints. Kick these habits as fast as you can to give your body a break.

You only have one body for this trip around the globe. Take care of it and it will take care of you. Pay attention to these reasons for your joint pain and take action to lessen it. Then as you progress in years, there will be more pleasure than pain.