Blog · March 26, 2022

6 Security Guard Skills and Responsibilities

If you are considering a job as a security guard, you need to understand it is a job that requires training and many skills. You need to be adept in many security guard skills and responsibilities.

Many people are under the misconception that it is an easy job and all they do is sit behind a desk and waste time. This is not true. They need to undergo rigorous training and have many skills for various situations. It is a highly responsible job. The more skills you have, the better for you as it will be easier to get a job.

You will need a variety of cognitive skills to obtain an Ontario security guard license. Let’s take a closer look at the different security guard skills and responsibilities:

Security Guard Responsibilities

Depending on the job, your responsibilities can vary. Some of the security guard’s responsibilities include monitoring the entrance of a property, regularly patrolling and inspecting the premises, authorizing the entrance of vehicles or people, making sure all exit doors and windows are secure, and reporting any strange or suspicious behaviour and much more.

They also have to keep an eye out for the security or surveillance cameras, and if people need help or advice, they must know to provide this. If any alarms go off, they need to respond to this as quickly as possible.

They also have to make reports regarding any suspicious activity and their daily surveillance activities. Nothing may happen on most days, but they must always stay focused and have total concentration if anything happens.


If you want to be a good security guard, you must always remain alert. You should also be familiar with your surroundings. It can be easy to get distracted by something or someone, so the ability to remain alert and multitask is essential. For example, if someone is speaking to them, they must still focus on their surroundings. If they miss something, it could cause a dangerous situation.


Again, depending on your job, it may require you to be physically fit. That means you should not be overweight and should exercise regularly. This can also help with being mentally alert. As a physically fit security guard, you are in a better position to perform your duties and protect people in an emergency. For example, there could be a point where there may be some kind of confrontation with someone. A physically fit security guard will be better equipped to deal with these situations.

In addition, you should also try to look your best. That means wearing a uniform that is tucked. Looking good can give both clients or the public eye confidence and make your company look good and reputable.

Communication Skills

A security guard must also have good communication skills speaking and writing skills. Sometimes, if something happens, the communication skills of the security guard may be the deciding factor in an outcome. They must also have tact and know how to speak to someone and possibly diffuse a tricky situation.

Writing skills are also just as important. If anything happens, they must document an incident as properly and accurately as possible. While they have to take their job seriously, they should also be friendly, courteous and polite. This will have a positive reflection on clients and the company.


A good security guard must also have honesty and integrity. This can reassure people that here is a trustworthy employee and make them feel confident. This is one of the main reasons a security guard has to go through background checks before hiring someone.

If not, they could hire anyone who may be irresponsible, steal, and not focus on their job properly. Trust is a big thing when hiring a security guard. You need to come across as someone responsible and trustworthy.

Security Guard Requirements

It helps if you have the experience of working as a security guard in the past. Having some legal knowledge, especially public safety, can be a bonus. As mentioned, surveillance and observational skills will stand a candidate in good stead. It can also be incredibly helpful if a candidate has got training in first aid and self-defence.

They must be a good team player and show leadership qualities. Having good problem-solving skills as well as time-management skills are also important. A security guard should at least have a high school diploma.

There are many security guard skills and responsibilities involved in this job. Being able to protect clients and the public is important. A good security guard is also detail-oriented. They must also follow directions, be professional and have a good education and proper training.