Blog · December 11, 2018

6 Ways Leak Detection Protects Your Branding

Never take for granted that your food items are making it to the customer each time in a fresh and safe manner without exercising a little quality control within the production process. Below are six ways that adding leak detection equipment can help ensure you are delivering the best from your company.

1. You Can Better Guarantee High-Quality

Food products that are packed in materials that are leak-proof help protect your branding when it comes to the promises you extend customers about quality and freshness. Your name will become synonymous with better tasting, longer-lasting products. Customers tend to turn away from brands that experience problems with stale or spoiled items and it will adversely affect your profits and return customer base. Leak detection and correction is an important part of protecting your branding image. There is more information to be found at the Flexpak inc website.

2. Deal With Fewer Returns

Not much can hit your pocketbook harder than having food products sent back to your warehouse due to poor quality or unsafe results from leaking packaging. The use of leak detection equipment will eliminate the instances of troubled packaging before the product ever leaves your facility.

3. Maintain Food Safety

Customers need to feel confident that your food products are safe to eat after purchase. Anything less can lead to a complete abandonment of your products by previously loyal customers. Detecting leaks in packaging will help you provide safe products that can be used for the duration of the expected shelf-life.

4. Less Product Waste

Receiving a return of food products ends up costing a ton of money for foods that end up in the landfill. Once food has spoiled or the quality unexpected food waste. You can dramatically reduce the losses you experience every year due to returns. All types of food packaging can be checked to ensure it is sealed and retains quality.

5. Longer Shelf Life

It’s nearly guaranteed that is the food is produced safely and packaged with durable materials and you shouldn’t have to guess whether the food is still good. You can single-handedly increase your shelf life to the point that the freshness and integrity you offer your customers is dependable.

6. Reduce Liability

Lawsuits can arise out of food safety problems. The barrier of protection offered by leak-proof packaging is one that reduces your liability in the marketplace for products that arrive to the customers in less than ideal conditions. It can save your company a great deal of money and embarrassment of litigating food safety matters.

Adding the use of leak detection equipment in your food production lines is an easy way to seal in high-quality to the products you make.