Blog · May 31, 2020

7 Best Business Ideas to Make Money Quickly

Making money is something that most (or all) of us will need to know how to do, at one point or another in our lives. Even though money can be a pain in the neck, it’s a pretty necessary part of life if you want to buy a house, a car, or even basic groceries and other essentials. With the economy the way it is, sometimes it’s hard to find good ways to make money, even when you’re more than willing to work hard.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of seven business ideas that you can utilize to really start making money. These business ideas aren’t ‘get rich quick’ schemes. They don’t give you stacks and stacks of ‘easy money’ right off the bat. But they’re ideas that can go far–and take you along with them.

Below are the seven best business ideas to make money:

Idea #1: Start a web-based AI/chatbot service

If you want to focus on the technical, virtual aspects of our lives, then creating AIs and chatbots could be one of the best business ideas.

There are many business websites that could use some good AI or a good chatbot to interact with their customers online and do other necessary tasks. If you’ve got a good mind for programming (or if you’re willing to learn), then why not give chatbot creation a shot? Artificial intelligence is an exciting prospect in the Toronto tech industry. With a little hard work, you may be able to find some interested investors who will offer their financial assistance for your chatbot service.

Idea #2: Start a boutique

If you’re interested in selling clothes, why not start a clothing boutique? You could specialize in one particular type of clothing or have a variety. Maybe you’d like to consider starting a bridal boutique. This wouldn’t have to be a place that sells just wedding dresses.

Instead, you could also stock bridesmaids dresses, flower girl dresses, accessories, and so on. You could even partner with other local businesses (like a florist) to offer your customers great options for other wedding elements that they still need to purchase.

Idea #3: Start a bookstore

Another great business idea to make money is to start a bookstore. Love books more than animals? Why not start a bookstore? While indie bookstores are something of a gamble, when it comes to really making a successful go of it, if you have the passion, dedication, and a great location it could definitely work for you.

Check out your area to see if there are already some established bookstores in the area–and then brainstorm how you can do things better. Host local authors for book readings, offer great discounts and fun perks to customers (like bookmarks and magnets). Overall, you want to make your bookstore a warm, inviting–even quirky–bookstagram-worthy place to visit.

Idea #4: Start an event planning business

Don’t want to sell wedding dresses but instead want to plan the wedding itself? Become an event coordinator! Rent (or buy) some good office space, make up a game plan, advertise, and then do your absolute best for each and every customer.

Again, you can specialize in one type of event (like weddings) or you can branch and do everything from retirement parties to gender reveals to anniversary celebrations. This is one of the best business ideas if you are a sociable and organized individual.

Idea #5: Start a cleaning service

Houses get messy. So do businesses, hotels, etc. Why not start a cleaning service that can take care of all that dirt and grime? Sure, it may not be as glamorous as some of the other business ideas on this list, but starting a cleaning service can be a goldmine of steady work.

Just make sure that you do a fantastic job for each customer (even going above and beyond when you’re able to do so) and you’ll gain a great reputation that will open other doors for you.

Idea #6: Start a pet-oriented business

People love their pets–it’s a proven fact. You know what else is a proven fact? People are willing to spend money–many times a lot of money–to give their proud felines and perky pups the very best in pet care. If you’re an animal lover yourself, starting a business related to pets might be exactly what you should do. (Even if you aren’t particularly passionate animals, you can still start up a business like this.

It does help to love at least one type of pet though! You can start a pet store (or a pet specialty store, if you’re feeling particularly ambitious), a dog washing business, a dog walking business…it’s up to you! You could also offer pet boarding services for people who go away for a vacation/business and need someone to watch their precious animal.

Idea #7: Start a restaurant

Everybody needs to eat and there are new restaurants going up every year. Why not have your restaurant be one of them? Yes, getting a new eatery off the ground can be a challenge (what business on this list isn’t?) but the rewards can be awesome–and delicious.

Research what needs to be done to help a restaurant launch successfully, gather your investors, hire skilled people, and bring your dream restaurant into reality!