Blog · October 27, 2022

7 Best Ideas for Space Saving in Small Bedroom

We all love to decorate our homes, and every room is a new adventure. There are some homes, though, that has a space that is more challenging. It tends to be a room that fills up with extra stuff you don’t want cluttering up the rest of the house, and it becomes a storage room rather than a bedroom.

Do you have a small bedroom that needs some help? There has to be a way to utilize the room better, right? Yes, there is. Here are some great ideas for space-saving in a small bedroom.

Idea #1: Put in a bed with a storage

The bed takes up most of the square footage in a small bedroom, so it makes sense to utilize the same footprint if you can. That means under-bed storage.

You can get beds with rolling drawers gliding under the bed frame and disappearing. They are perfect for putting out-of-season clothing or linens and towels. Even a bed that is low to the ground can work. Buy some clear totes that fit underneath and pack them full of extra items or things you don’t use too often. They are out of sight until you need them.

Idea #2: Install shelving

Putting up some shelving is perfect for a small bedroom because you still need areas to put things in, regardless of the room size. You can install floating shelves for a streamlined look or bring in low-profile built-ins that wrap around the bed. The bed wall will become a focal point for the room and keep all your items safely stowed off the floor, clearing up a tonne of space.

Idea #3: Pick multi-use furniture

In a bedroom, you typically need a bed, dresser and night tables at the bare minimum, but a small bedroom may not be able to fit it all in. The smart idea is to use a dresser as a bedside table.

This is the perfect way to eliminate a piece of furniture and gain space. You will need to find a low and wide dresser that works beside the bed, and you can use the top for a lamp and clock but still get drawers for clothes.

Another multi-use item is a bench. It can replace a chair and double as storage inside. Extra blankets, kids’ backpacks and even a winter coat can be stored there until needed, and you also have a dedicated seating area.

Idea #4: Add a sofa bed

Often a small bedroom will be a spare for when guests sleep over and can live as a tv room during the rest of the time. To make this happen, you can use a sofa bed for small spaces. There are many different sofa beds, so even a small bedroom has space for one.

You can get a two-seater that quickly converts to a double bed or, for really tight rooms, a sleeper chair that is a sofa bed for one. The best part is that it truly saves space while allowing this bedroom to living a secret life as a tv room or games room.

Idea #5: Utilize a window sill

If your bedroom has a good-sized window sill, turn it into the nightstand and free up space. A windows sill may be enough of a ledge to hold a few things like an alarm, smartphone and even a book or two for late-night reading. Getting rid of a dedicated night table will help open up the room so it doesn’t feel cluttered.

Idea #6: Get some wardrobes

When you think of a wardrobe closet, you picture a huge, bulky piece of furniture. Guess what? It doesn’t have to be. And you can even put two of them in a small bedroom.

Find a pair of shallow wardrobes and put them on your bedroom wall, flanking the bed. It is all you need to house your clothes and will free up more space where a dresser would go. You can get a wardrobe with an open cupboard around bed height to act as a night table and then hang clothes in the wardrobe above.

Idea #7: Opt for sconces

While you may not have a floor lamp in your bedroom, you will have bedside lamps. These live on the night tables and take up a lot of room, especially in a small bedroom. To gain space, you may need to ditch the tables, so what are you gonna do about lighting? Put in a wall sconce.

A sconce gives you more directional lighting than a ceiling light and is ideal for reading or swiping through social media with mood lighting. The room doesn’t have to be lit like the sun, and you gain table space by opting for sconces.

Space is in high demand in your home, and for a small bedroom, it is vital. Use these ideas to save space in your small bedroom to end the chaos and restore peaceful openness.