Blog · October 6, 2022

7 Cool Car Mods to Upgrade Your Car

If you are a car owner, you know too well how valuable the vehicle is. It is an investment worth your time and, despite its everyday flaws, can be a great thing to own. Nothing beats the thrill of winding your windows down on the road and letting the breeze blow through your hair.

Or, remodelling the vehicle to account for new changes can be worthwhile. Car mods are a popular way to breathe new life into the vehicle. Plus, most of them do not have to be extraordinarily expensive. Many of the cooler car mods available are inexpensive yet just as aesthetically pleasing.

Here are seven cool car mods that you can upgrade in your car:

1. Car Tech Installation

In the years to come, we will see technology transforming our vehicles more than ever. Currently, there are a ton of nifty tech products that you can use to mod your car. If you find yourself in business calls most of your weekdays, try to install some gadgets that benefit your driving.

These should only be used if you are not distracted on the road. However, using a phone holder on the dashboard and a USB charger means you are always good to go. You may not use these items daily, but they are always available in tricky situations. No one likes going from location A to B with a dead phone battery!

2. Car Shift Knob

Many car drivers use their vehicles on the road with manual gear. It is an awesome way to drive your new car instead of just moving via automatic gear. The knob you use to switch gears will be present, but you could also upgrade it to something better. A new shift knob changes the entire interior of the car outright.

That is because the knob you use can reflect your personality as a driver. Try to find something reflective of your needs, and make it aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. More and more, drivers are using the services of a 3D printer to create intricate designs. You never know what you can make if you use your imagination.

3. Car LED Headlights

The lights installed in and around your car are a standard issue. They work as intended and as needed during your usual drives. On the other hand, they could be upgraded using less wattage and look better overall. An awesome way to mod your car is to install automotive LED headlights.

The headlights and taillights could benefit greatly from these newer sources of illumination. Furthermore, they light up the road ahead and behind you much clearer. The last thing anyone wants is to not see their surroundings while on the road. When in doubt, LED lights will be the way to go if you are thinking about switching to them.

4. Car Interior Lighting

While staying on the same topic of lighting, the external side of things isn’t the only part that can be modified. Look at your vehicle’s interior cabin; you can install cool lighting sources here! Many car owners will install some cool colours inside here, instantly adding a flair of coolness.

Driving through the darkness of the night will always be an awesome experience. However, with these new lights installed inside, it looks incredible from an interior perspective. Ask the guests in your car what colours they prefer, and put them inside. It will be a fun experience every single time!

5. Car Vinyl Wraps

There is no better way to make your car look awesome than placing some vinyl wrap onto it. You have an assortment of choices, and every choice can be incredible to behold. Some car owners may use a vibrant colour on top of the hood. Others may choose to use a carbon-based black to make it look sleeker.

6. Car Racing Pedals

As mentioned, manual gear drivers can move their cars differently, albeit fun. To truly ramp up that experience, use racing pedals to accelerate your drive. It can completely change how you use your feet while on the road.

7. Middle Console Padding

Sometimes, the console you rest your arm on while driving can be somewhat awkward. Why not, as a result, use this as a chance to make it more comfortable? Not only can you add padding to its function, but you can also give it a great design. Your car’s modifications are limited only by your creativity and imagination!