Blog · January 20, 2019

7 Ways to Improve Your Immigration Experience Using Express Entry

Immigration laws are different in nearly country you consider moving to, but immigration lawyers can explain Canadian stipulations to assist in a better outcome. Below are seven ways that using the Express Entry program can lead to successful job placement and permanent resident status.

1. Complete the Online Application

Canada’s Express Entry is a program designed to help bring together those desiring to live and work permanently in Canada with Canadian employers that are suffering severe labor shortages. The application can be filled out using any computer throughout the world. It’s an easier way to find out if you are a good candidate to move to Canada.

2. Fill Out All Profile Information

The more complete you fill out your personal profile, the better you can showcase your experience and skills, making you a more viable and valued candidate. Take your time and include as much information as possible. Many candidates find that serious job offers come right away when quality time is spent creating the profile.

3. Register with the Job Bank

Registering with the Canadian Job Bank will make it possible for thousands of employers to seek you out. One of the best sources of potential employer contact is through this Job Bank listing. You might find getting a job in Canada easier than you thought.

4. Get Placed in the Open Pool

You will be placed in the open pool of available candidates and all efforts will be made to try and match you with an appropriate employer. It can take more time to gain employment opportunities through the open pool, but many have successfully entered Canada using this route.

5. Have All Paperwork Ready to Go

No matter what job offer you get and when the need for paperwork will arise. Keep all of your important documents and records in one place for easy retrieval. Birth certificates, educational degrees, and training documents will all be necessary.

6. Accept Desired Job Offer and Prepare to Move

Once you receive a job offer you need to give it consideration. Is it in a location you like? Does it seem like a job you would enjoy doing on a daily basis? Taking a job offer for employment you might not enjoy can make your experience a miserable one. There are additional resources available at Bellissimo Law Group.

7. Seek Legal Advice on Immigration Law

You can make your path to Canada smoother by seeking qualified legal advice from experienced immigration lawyers. Find out what you can do to better present yourself as a desirable candidate for employers. Make sure you fully understand the process before starting.

Take advantage of the easier way to gain employment and permanent residency in Canada through the Express Entry program.