Blog · October 17, 2019

8 Best Paint Colors for Dark Rooms and Spaces

If you have a dark room with no light or windows, you will want to ensure the wall paint is light or bright pale colours to help brighten up your room. You don’t have to always choose white. There are lighter creme, blue, gray and purple shades that you can use. When buying your paint, ensure to find a company that offers an unlimited paint palette. You should also seek out a company that offers a free colour consultation and an image gallery to see all the projects they have completed.

Remember that colours are an important part of your home design. You want to choose a colour that will improve your room light, while at the same time match your furniture and floors. Choose paint colours to make your home feel cozy as well. A room with no light is never really used frequently which is why it is important to take time to choose the right paint colour.

And just because the room has no abundance of natural light or any light for that matter, it does not mean you have to settle to live in the dark space. Instead take action to improve your dark rooms. Make sure to take the size of your room into consideration when choosing the colours. Here are the ten best paint colours for dark rooms and spaces:

1. Light blues

The sky blue colour offers a beautiful bright look. It will make you feel relaxed, calm and happy at home or when spending time in the newly painted interior room. Sky blue can quickly brighten dark spaces. An advantage with this colour is that it works with any deep tone upholstery or wood furnishing.

2. Creamy Off-white

Common sense will suggest that the best colour for a dark room is white. Of course, pure white can brighten any room, but your room may appear uninspiring. Instead consider creamy off-white paint as this can offer a distinctive and fresh look. The off-white colour choice is perfect when you have very little windows in your room. This colour can accentuate the entire room and promote tranquility.

3. Pink Opal

This colour is often a feminine choice, but pink opal is one of the best paint colours for dark rooms since it adds personality and style. Choose a light soft pink tone so it does not appear overwhelming. Avoid ultra-bright pink shades as these colours will not help to lighten up your room. A popular option is warm blush which is a soft shade of pink that adds brightness without overpowering the room.

4. Soft Gray

Similar to off-white shades, the soft gray is not an obvious choice, but you will be surprised by how easily this colour can brighten up spaces. Your room will appear calm and sophisticated. Consider soft tones like dove gray or gray tint which is a favourite amongst interior designers.

The key to these paint colours for dark room is to find the right gray shade. You can do this through sampling before you paint your entire home or selected room. Gray colours can offer elegance as well as accentuate the interior design of your home. This colour works well for contemporary interests if you are looking for the modern look.

5. Pale Yellow

If you are looking to mimic natural light in your room, you may want to consider a nice pale yellow that does not overpower the space. This colour should enhance the look of your room and offer a sunlit, bright ambience.

6. Lily Lavendar

If you are feeling adventurous, a lavender colour can brighten any room without overpowering the space. In fact, lavender gives life to all spaces that are bland and dark. You may also be inspired by the colour of lavender as this colour exudes freshness and style. Lavendar complements any walls without the overwhelming colour of using a bold purple.

7. Pastel Green

A pastel light green is one of the best paint colours for dark rooms, because it blends seamlessly on any walls especially in dark areas. They appear to be a bold colour choice, but it depends entirely on the colour palette you choose. The right choice of pastel green will cheer up the room, accentuate the space and offer a room full of energy.

Pastel green is a tone of paint that keeps any space bright and airy. It is timeless and elegant. Don’t hesitate to consider a pastel green for your dark rooms as many consumers have enjoyed applying this colour to their dark spaces for decades.

8. Cloud white

White paint is the first choice when it comes to dark rooms within a home. However, if you want to avoid the full white look, you can consider the cloud white colour. Interior designers are in favour of this colour as it integrates well with a variety of home designs and décor. This colour mimics vapor clouds on a clear skyline. The cloud white colour is recognized to be lightweight, luminous and perfect for walls.