Blog · July 26, 2020

8 Best Summer Hats for Men with Sun Protection

The summer season is an occasion filled with instant joy and happiness. As the sun’s rays touch our skin, we get to enjoy a plethora of activities with our loved ones. This can range from going out for a meal, to having a barbeque in a backyard. Plus, the season also implores you to uniquely get dressed for the respective occasion.

For men, there is never a shortage of outfits to wear. To accentuate the flair and chic of your style, wearing a hat is an amicable option. Thankfully, summer is the perfect opportunity to try out different types of summer hats for guys. A custom baseball cap can add some style to your get-up, plus provide you with the necessary sun protection.

Below are the eight best summer hats for men:

1. Snapback Hats

For those who are more on the casual side, the snapback is one of the best summer hats for men. It is a great modern-day choice that can be paired with virtually any type of clothing. For those who enjoy the intricate details, snapbacks also come with different types of snap-closures. Some come with the original snap-closure, while others have an adjustable strap.

Custom snapback hats have cool and modern designs, available in a myriad of colours as well. This makes it flexible for your daytime outfit; matching is not something to be concerned with. Plus, they are relatively inexpensive, so you shouldn’t expect to pay more than what your budget allows for.

2. Fitted Hats

Similar in vein to the snapback, the summer season is a perfect opportunity to bring out the fitted. The shape is designed to look like a snapback, but doesn’t come with the adjustable snap-closure. If you are planning to wear a fitted hat, make sure you try on a few first.

This is because it comes down to the size of your head. Since they aren’t known for being readily customizable, you’ll want a fitted that is appropriately sized. For the summer season, a vibrant colour will always stand out amongst the crowd, especially in large ones.

3. Panama Hats

When it comes to most summer hats, some are more recognizable than others. With this sentiment in mind, look no further than the panama. This type of hat is a classic choice to wear with your summer outfit, for a number of reasons. Namely, it is designed for comfort, no matter your environment.

For example, panamas are made with breathability in mind. This keeps your head cool, even when the summer heat becomes unbearable. Pair your panama with light colours, in order to get a complete look for your event.

4. Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are the best summer hats for guys going to the beach in the summer. At the beach, you’ll be able to enjoy a number of activities with family and friends, while the sun is at its peak. However, in order to protect yourself from the force of the sun’s rays, wear a bucket hat. Bucket hats have become popular in recent years, partly due to its design.

The brim offers protection around the perimeter, so you don’t have to worry about glare affecting your eyes. In addition, they are relatively lightweight and fit quite comfortably on your head. For those who are looking to enhance their hat game, you can find no wrong with one of these.

5. Baseball Caps

Like the panama before it, the baseball cap is also a timeless summer hat for men. When attending your favourite sports game, be it baseball or not, you can expect to see these hats being worn. This is because they are an immensely popular accessory, and they don’t have to necessarily match your outfit. Choose one from your favourite team and have a ball!

6. Flat Caps

Evenings during the summer are an entirely different beast, when it comes to male summer outfits. If you are planning to wear something on your head for a night out, go with a flat cap. It is a lightweight, yet fashionable choice for those attending virtually any type of summer event. Go for a darker colour, in order to accentuate your chosen outfit.

7. Fedora Hats

Despite evidence to the contrary, fedoras are increasingly becoming popular. This is especially true during the summer season, as they add an extra layer of flair to urbanized styles. Like the flat cap before it, go for neutral colours, in order to make your entire outfit stand out even more.

8. Straw Hats

For those summer days that encourage relaxation, wearing a straw hat is an excellent choice. Or, they can also be used for impromptu hiking trips. They are lightweight and compact, and offer great protection from the sun’s rays. Sometimes, the classics can’t be beat!

Wearing a hat during the summer instantly adds an extra layer of style to your get-up. The best part? Many of them are unique enough to match your overall character and elegance. Give some of them a shot, and you may even discover a personal favourite for the season!