Blog · July 6, 2018

8 Popular Ways to Monetize Your Android App

Custom Android app development is the best option when it comes to building mobile apps. Once you’ve come up with an app idea and started to develop it, it’s time to think about how to make money off it. Here is how to monetize your Android app.

1. Develop a Strategy

Users prefer downloading apps for convenience. In the early stages of your custom Android app development process, it’s important to develop a strategy on how to monetize the app. By doing this, you can incorporate ads and monetization tactics right from the time you start building the app.

2. Freemium

With the freemium package, users can download your app without a charge, but certain features come at a price. The free download helps attract users to your app, then you get paid once they want to use more features they just can’t get without paying.

3. Ads

Featuring advertisements on your custom android app is a great way to make money. Ads can come in various forms including slogans, banners and anchor text on the app. You’ll get paid by the advertisers for promoting their products or services on the app.

4. Get Users to Pay a Subscription Fee

Another great way of making money from your Android mobile app is by requesting users to pay a subscription fee. You’ll earn even more money if done correctly. This strategy won’t work for all apps, however. The app must have something unique to offer. Otherwise, only a few users will subscribe. Android mobile app users want to get great value for their money on a subscription model, so make it worthwhile.

5. Promote Your App

You make more money when your app gets thousands of new installations monthly. Don’t think the app will advertise itself. Get your app in front of your target audience by placing adverts through other apps. Advertising your app is a proven way to get more users, and more users will result in more money.

6. Choosing the Right Ad Partner

If you’re considering featuring advertisement through your custom android app, it is important to choose the right partners. You want ads that are beautifully designed and attractive. Don’t choose ads that will jump right in the faces of users. You also want to choose ads that are related to your offering, so they offer value to your users. In addition to that, you want ads that pay for every click. To this end, it is important to choose your partners wisely. Do your research.

7. In-App Purchases

Just as the name implies, in-app purchases consist of selling items within your app. Some of the goods you can sell include products such as virtual goods like music or in-game currency, or products you sell in your store, if applicable. It is important to make the in-app purchase quick and easy.

8. Notifications

By pushing notifications to users, you will bring them back to the app. This is a great way to increase engagement while keeping users active. In addition, notifications will ensure long-term use and thus increase your chance of making more money.

Your custom android app will only bring a high return on investment if it has something unique to offer. Use these tips to monetize your app.