Blog · September 25, 2020

8 Ways on How to Improve Your College Living Experience

If you are a young adult embarking on your post-secondary journey, you have good reason to be excited. The college living experience is a once-in-a-lifetime phase of your life that is rife with enjoyment. Don’t let the onset of studying or exams completely deter you; there are so many benefits to appreciate.

For starters, you’ll be meeting a myriad of other folks from all walks of life. You might also be living independently for the first time, only adding to the experience. There are a number of ways that you can actually improve your capacity to enjoy all parts of your journey.

Just be sure to keep in mind the following ways on how to improve your college living experience:

1. Student Apartments

College dorms can generally be as bland as they come. If you are able to, why not upgrade the living experience by renting a student apartment? With advanced amenities and comfortable living spaces, these studio apartments are ideal for students who want a memorable post-secondary tenure.

Many of these apartments are available off-campus, and they are often in convenient locations with quick commute times. Your college living experience will be largely improved once you have a cozy, private space that feels like home.

2. College Athletics

For students who are active in sports, you’ll want to try your hand at your college’s athletic departments. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to audition for a sports varsity team either. For the most part, there are various drop-in-and-play sports that you can get involved with.

This can be a major driver of participation for those students who don’t feel comfortable with their athletic prowess. Joining in on a friendly game of soccer or basketball, for instance, can be a major confidence booster. College is there to bolster camaraderie with students; athletics are one of those support systems through and through.

3. Academic Clubs

The college experience is accentuated by the various extracurricular activities available on campus. Thankfully, you won’t have too much difficulty trying to join one; there are so many unique clubs to participate in. For example, you can join your local debate team to discuss college issues.

Or, there are a number of academic-focused clubs that may help improve your learning. Pick a couple, and do your best to attend all meetings. Your schedule will be busy, but being involved with college clubs will always work in your favour.

4. Exploration

After your group study sessions have been completed for the day, be sure to explore your general surroundings around your student apartment. Getting your cohorts together for a night out can be a wonderful experience. You can attend a nearby pub for some drinks, or you can watch a movie at your local cinema.

The more time you make for activities outside the college experience, the better the overall experience will be. Everything doesn’t have to be about academics, so soak up all you can while you are at this age! After your college tenure has been completed, you’ll look back fondly at all the fun memories you had with your new friends.

5. College Homecoming

The general consensus surrounding the freshman experience is that participating in homecoming is vital. It is a specific time of the college year whereupon you will meet all of your future cohorts. Plus, you will get to enjoy a plethora of fun activities with them as well.

Homecoming also gives students the ability to see public figures headline specific events. You may find your favourite artist giving a show on campus, for example. In order to jump headfirst into the college experience, you’ll have to attend your school’s homecoming full stop.

6. College Faculty Relationships

Building connections with the college faculty is a great way to improve your college living experience. Your professors and teaching assistants are there for you, beyond providing students with an advanced education. Although it may seem unnecessary at the moment, you’ll want to foster good relationships with them from the start. This is for several reasons, but mainly comes down to rapport.

Since faculty members usually teach large classes, it is difficult to stand out at first. Once you take the time to get to know them on a one-on-one basis, it will improve your overall standing. You never know when you might need a reference letter in the future, after you graduate!

7. Study College Abroad

If studying at your local campus isn’t ideal, perhaps you should look into becoming an international student. Just be sure you can deal with the financial aspect of it; studying abroad is expensive. If you can, it is an experience unlike any other.

8. Disengage from College

Every once in a while, always disconnect from your academic obligations. Go for walks around campus, and listen to your favourite podcast. This is the best way to prevent the inevitable burnout to be faced.

The college living experience will be memorable to all students, no matter where they come from. Although you’ll want to stay on top of your studies, always take the time to have fun as well. Most of us only get one shot at this; do your best to make it as unforgettable as possible!