July 4, 2020

How to Write a Resume for a General Labour Position

The job-searching process can often be a challenging ordeal. Depending on the role being pursued, you’ll have to navigate the often tricky roadmaps of networking, as well as interviewing preparation. All positions, no matter the industry, are contingent on a few, key items. For the most part, your resume is the first step into getting an interview, and, ultimately, a...

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June 8, 2020

7 Famous Mobile App Developers and Companies

There’s a lot that goes into developing a mobile app. Firstly, there must be a good idea that serves a true purpose in daily life. Secondly, you need a strong team of developers who all have incredible talent in their field. Thirdly, you must have time, patience, and the courage to take on such a project. When all of these...

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June 4, 2020

13 Best Summer Camp Indoor Activities and Ideas

As COVID-19 has caused summer camps to retool, indoor activities are proving to have their advantage. Scrambling for activities that do not unnecessarily expose a child to risk of transmission, indoor games and crafts can maintain social distancing when necessary without eliminating the fun ‘summer camp’ atmosphere.

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May 31, 2020

7 Best Business Ideas to Make Money Quickly

Making money is something that most (or all) of us will need to know how to do, at one point or another in our lives. Even though money can be a pain in the neck, it’s a pretty necessary part of life if you want to buy a house, a car, or even basic groceries and other essentials. With the...

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March 26, 2020

7 Best Tips for Farm Vehicle Insurance

If you live in a rural part of a region, life is significantly different than the standard of living in a large metropolis. However, there are some factors that bind the two areas together in terms of necessities. One of these aspects is insurance, which will benefit a farmer in more ways than one. Farm insurance is crucial for all...

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March 15, 2020

11 Mortgage Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners

Are you applying for a new mortgage? Understandably, you might be worried about making mortgage mistakes. Unfortunately, not a lot of people are experience in getting a mortgage. Most homeowners purchase one home and that’s it. If this is your first time working with a mortgage broker, it’s understandable that you may make a few rookie mistakes here and there....

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March 13, 2020

How to Check Credit Score: All You Need to Know

Do you know how to check your credit score? If you are like most Canadians, you are probably unaware of what your score is. In fact, you may not even have taken a glance at your report in a long time, which is certainly not something to be proud of, especially in this day and age of identity theft. In...

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February 29, 2020

How to Conduct an Investigation Step By Step

The most effective resolution to a complaint or a legally indicting situation is conducting an investigation. The investigation scrutinizes every aspect of a story until you unveil the truth. Before you start, ensure you have a clear plan for how you would conduct the investigation to avoid making unnecessary mistakes. Investigations are aimed at revealing the truth, but this can...

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February 28, 2020

5 Best Locations for a TV Stand in Your Loft

When decorating small spaces, such as apartments and condominiums, you will want to make the most out of every square inch. Some pieces of furniture can be used for dual purposes, such as a TV stand. Depending on your interior decorating tastes, it can either be the centerpiece of the room or a subtle accent piece. Here are the five...

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February 22, 2020

6 Best Freight Cost Reduction Ideas to Save Money

If you’re shipping products on the regular, you probably already know how beneficial it would be to cut your freight costs, even if only by a little bit. Over time, small price reductions turn into big savings. When you work with freight audit companies to assess your financials, you will understand exactly how much these reductions will benefit your savings....

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