Blog · August 19, 2018

Five Ways Field Service Management Software Helps Your Techs

When your company has a mobile workforce, field service management software offers the potential to grow and deliver a better customer service experience. The software could be customized to your company, making it highly useful to what you do. Consider these five ways that field service management software helps your techs who are out working in the field every day.

1. Access to Industry Standards

Techs who are out in the field might not remember every industry standard or conversion. For example, an electrician out in the field may encounter live knob and tube wiring for the first time when inspecting an old house. With field service management software, the electrician can get more information about the wiring configuration and how to replace it with new wiring that is up to current codes.

2. Check Schedules and Appointment Times

A tech who is out in the field can use the software to check schedules and appointment times. If the tech realizes that one appointment is going to go over the allotted time, a message can be sent to the dispatcher and the next customer. The software typically includes GPS navigation and real-time traffic information. This helps to reduce the amount of time that field service techs spend in traffic.

3. Communicate With Dispatchers and Customers

Field service software enhances communications. Customers could take a photo of a problem and send it through an email, app or the company’s website. The tech could see what is going on and be prepared for what needs to be done. Techs could use the software to communicate with dispatchers about the need for additional equipment, supplies, tools or manpower in order to complete a particular job.

4. Review Customer Information

Upon arrival at a customer’s address, field service software allows the technician to access the customer’s service history. The tech can see when the last maintenance visit or repair took place. The past problems can be reviewed in order to troubleshoot current issues with a customer’s HVAC, electrical, plumbing or garage door. Customer communication preferences and payment information can also be amended.

5. Provide Better Customer Experiences

Customers want consistent communication from their service providers. The field service software makes that possible. If an emergency call comes in, the dispatcher can route the nearest technician who is out in the field. This reduces customer wait times. Customers will be impressed when a technician can look up when the last tune-up was or what the most recent problem with the system was. Customers can also use the software to request appointments for maintenance, repairs or installation online or have the dispatcher call them for scheduling appointments.