Blog · December 6, 2020

How to Wash Ceramic Coated Car: 6 Best Tips

For the everyday car enthusiast, you know all too well about how key car maintenance is. Keeping your vehicle in pristine condition allows it to glow on the road. Keeping it away from everyday hazards, such as scratches, maintains that sheen for longer periods of time. Ceramic coating is, therefore, a worthy investment.

However, once your car becomes engrossed in the coating, maintenance changes a little. You don’t want to resort back to your older means of vehicle upkeep as a result.

If your car has ceramic coating, follow these tips on how to wash a ceramic coated car and keep your vehicle in tip-top shape:

1. Rules for washing ceramic coated car

Since washing your ceramic coated car is not a black-and-white affair, you’ll need to employ some caution first. This means that you should first follow the manufacturer’s instructions, before conducting a wash. Usually, these instructions will include specific guidelines pertinent to the coating.

In addition, you’ll want to also dry your vehicle in a delicate, yet methodical manner. Using any towel available may actually do more harm to the coating than good. For your own benefit, make sure you have a microfiber towel on hand. Not only will this towel dry your car in full, but it can also eliminate any remaining swirl marks on its exterior.

2. No automated washes

In order to wash a ceramic coated car, it’s important to keep in mind that automation washes should always be avoided. Get ready to use your hands; washing your ceramic coated car will require manual labour. Taking your respective vehicle to an automated car wash is counterintuitive for several reasons. For starters, the brushes used in the process can damage the coating in minutes. Washing your vehicle requires gentleness, not unnecessary intensity.

The soaps used in these car washes are also not friendly to your vehicle. Ceramic coating requires a unique type of soap for cleansing purposes. Your car will need a soft cleaning through and through. Ignore the temptation to clean it in minutes; the car’s finish will thank you in the long run!

3. Frequency of washing the car

You may be wondering about how often you should wash your vehicle. For standard cars, there is really no inherent limit on the frequency. Since your vehicle has ceramic coating, the frequency of car washing increases. To prevent build-up of grime and other elements, you’ll need to wash the car at least twice a month.

What works to your advantage here is that ceramic coating won’t attract multitudes of external dirt. The coating is designed to prevent build-up, but it doesn’t preclude it from repeated washing. If you feel that your car needs more than two washings a month, then proceed accordingly.

4. Two bucket washing method

Now, for the actual washing process, you’ll need to first get two buckets. Fill one of these buckets with your purchased soap. The other bucket will be filled with water. This pail of water is used to wash off any visible grime on your wash pad. In addition, the bucket with water should contain a grit guard inside.

This accessory, placed at the bottom, will trap any contaminants that move inside. The last thing you’ll need is debris sticking onto your wash pad, which can scratch the coating. Don’t forget to wash your vehicle in a gentle manner! Ceramic coating requires a soft, but thorough and manual, cleaning.

5. No rinse method

If you are pressed for time, you may be in luck. Your car’s ceramic coating can also be washed and cleaned through this particular method. First, get yourself a bucket, and add about four gallons of water to it. Then, add in some rinse-less car wash soap inside the bucket. Once the car has been soaked in the solution, use your microfiber towel to dry it off.

This method is only applicable if there is barely any superficial soil or grime on your car. If there is a heavy amount of dirt covering the car, you’ll need to switch to the previous, two bucket procedure. However, if you keep your vehicle in good condition, you should able able to use this technique with no issue!

6. Washing the car indoors

Ceramic coating, when washed outside under sunlight, can be negatively impacted. The materials used in your soap will dry quicker under the sun. If this occurs, the washing process becomes much more challenging to conduct.

For your own benefit, move your vehicle into an enclosed space and do the washing there. Make sure the soaps and shampoos you use do not contain wax or sealants! Ceramic coating does not mix well with these additives, due to its unique composition.

When your vehicle has ceramic coating applied, you will notice its lustre almost instantaneously. For your own benefit, you will not have to wash and clean it every so often. When the time comes to actually do it, however, the aforementioned tips will keep your car in excellent shape!