Blog · October 2, 2017

Six Qualities You Should Look Out For In a Calibration Service Provider

Industrial calibration service is essential for processes that require accurate measurements. The importance of these services for laboratory and industrial processes can never be overemphasized. Therefore, one ought to find the best services. While at it, there are some considerations you can make such as those listed below.

1. Do your research

Quality calibration services can be sourced in several ways, such as from the internet, through word of mouth or from the yellow pages. However, choosing a service provider should be your decision and not what you hear. Even when you get a recommendation, do your research. Avoid hiring somebody only because you hear they do a job. Instead, go deep and find out more about the firm. More information can be found at Calibration Service, providing you with additional resources and references.

2. Check out for their accreditation

The first factor you need to check is whether the company is ISO9000 certified. The certification proves that the company has a quality management service in place. However, this is not the only mark of a qualified calibration service provider. An ISO 17025:2005 shows that an independent body has assessed the firm’s calibration techniques, workforce, and procedures and approved its operation.

3. Ensure that the measurements are traceable to international standards

The essence of calibration is to make sure that your instrument match up those that are set internationally. The calibration company should be able to prove that their standards are traceable to international standards. Have a look at their certificate and ensure that it contains information that can be traced to global measurements.

4. Choose accuracy over speed

Fast turnarounds are not the only consideration when it comes to calibration. Quality measures should be assigned first consideration aver speed. A high-level measurement requires a lot of time. Some equipment like dimensional test equipment needs time to stabilize at the right temperature for a long time, which might be several hours. On-site calibration might require more time than off-site since most companies do not have environmental control as a permanent facility. Therefore, a calibration service provider that sells its services purely on fast turnaround time may not offer you quality services.

5. Find out the procedure that the calibration technicians use

Some service providers use unapproved methods such as a quick onsite service, which might yield inaccurate results. Also, ensure that the vendor undertakes a thorough maintenance procedure such as cleaning the calibration equipment before offering the service. The only way to find out is to accompany the technician to a calibration gig at another client’s company. Firms that use high-quality instrumentation are the best.

6. Customer service is important

In a world where everybody is busy, reaching someone on the phone is a daunting task. You do not want to have a hard time talking to your provider. That is why you need to hire a company that minds about their clients and are dedicated to responding to their queries. Punctuality and courtesy should be top of their best qualities.