Blog · May 4, 2018

Six ways to ensure that your goods are safe with stretch film

Stretch film is the new way of packaging items to provide protection and ensure safe handling of items for shipment. Packaging using this technique is slowly gaining momentum mainly because of its properties but what most people do not know is that if these contents are not packaged well, then the quality of stretch film may be compromised. As a manufacturer, company or individual you must ensure that you get the following things right to keep your products safe with Stretch Film.

  1. Use the right Size of film

To ensure maximum safety of your products you must first ensure that you use the right size of film to cover the entire load. It is important to note that the base of the package must be entirely covered to avoid any damage to your products. Using a smaller film to cover may result in easy puncturing of the sharp corners hence compromise on the package.

  1. Keep them compact

Products should be kept together firmly to avoid unnecessary movements which may result in damage. Therefore, when packaging you need to ensure that the entire load from the base upwards is held firmly but not crushed together. The trick is to make sure that the correct force has been applied depending on the type of product.

  1. Use the right equipment when packaging

Depending on the type of product, time available as well as the costs to be incurred for the whole process, if you intend to wrap a few items that require a simple procedure, then you may consider the manual process however if you have several products, using a machine wrap may be the best option for you. When you pick the right equipment for the job, then you will avoid unnecessary damage to your items.

  1. Be keen when Attaching the stretch wrap

As easy as it may sound, attaching stretch wrap to a package requires one to be keen so as not to mess with the entire process, a small mistake such as wrapping on the knot may lead to difficulties when removing the packaging.

  1. Start from the base

We all know that if you have a strong foundation your structure is likely to stay firm, same goes for packages, it requires strong support. To ensure this, you will need to start with the base as you work upwards to keep the items safer.

When your items are held together firmly from the base, they are likely to stay held for a more extended period hence eliminating breakage and other associated risks.

  1. Structural integrity

It is standard practice to test the product to ensure that it will withstand all the external pressure while in transit. Its recommended that if the luggage fails to withstand the integrity test, you must correct the mistake either by reworking entire packaging or adding another layer to it.

It is best to use the pre-stretch film because its yield has been enhanced and therefore will not stretch further guaranteeing the maximum protection of your shipment.