Blog · January 5, 2019

The Best 11 Promotional Products for Small Business

Did you know you could effectively promote your business on a shoestring budget? To grow, a small business needs growth strategies that are both unique and effective. One of these is the use of promotional products customized to highlight your unique selling proposition (USP). A creatively designed promotional product attracts potential customers in a way that only a few other promotional items can do.

Here are 9 promotional products that can be useful for your business.

1. Customized Calendars

At the beginning of the year, distribute free customized calendars to your customers. People like to use calendars in their homes and offices, but they are not always willing to buy them. Giving your clients free calendars to use in their homes or offices constantly reminds them about your business. There is a great source of information available on the Brandability website.

2. Use Branded Canvas Bags

Most people use canvas bags to shop and carry personal items. Printing your business message on such bags is a creative way of advertising it without paying a cent.

3. Give Chip Clips with Your Logo

To secure products sold in bags, use chip clips printed with your logo or other promotional messages. They keep your customers’ bags secure, are easy to close and reminds them of your business every time they clip them on.

4. Provide Cooling Towels

It’s an ingenious strategy to give your clients cooling towels, especially when it’s hot. This small act of kindness and concern makes them feel valued and appreciated. To show their appreciation, they are likely to become some of your most loyal customers.

5. Branded Flash Drives

You can give your customers free tech items such as flash drives printed with your brand or logo. A flash drive is a handy gift most of your customers are likely to use repeatedly. They will remember your business every time they use it.

6. Branded Pens

Most people carry pens in their cars, bags, and in their pocket. A branded pen featuring your company’s logo is, therefore, a unique marketing item to gift your customers. You can use unique colours for your clients to take their pick.

7. Phone Grips

Today, almost everyone owns a smartphone. Providing people with free branded grips to secure their phones while watching videos or surfing the net constantly reminds them about your business.

8. Branded T-Shirts

Print t-shirts with your business name and logo. Branded t-shirts are some of the most effective promotional items you can use. Your promotional t-shirts should feature a variety of colours and textures to fit your customers’ taste. As they wear them around, they become your business’s mobile billboard.

9. Branded Water Bottles

People like reusable bottles to carry water in. Giving away branded water bottles is another unique way of promoting your business. As people move with them from place to place, they carry your business wherever they go.

Using unique free promotional items to advertise your small business is a highly effective and cost-effective marketing gimmick. You can use these items to easily attract new customers and extend your brand to places you would not have otherwise reached.