Blog · May 8, 2018

The Core Functions of Stainless Steel Corner Guards

As a small businessman, all you always want to do is ensure that you raise a strong and successful business and protect your business as well. And all these come with the need to invest in a lot of things like safety of your premises and other stuff like that. And one small detail which you must never overlook is your wall corners and how you can protect them as well using stainless steel corner guards.

It is quite easy to end up scrapping or scratching the walls of your business buildings, especially when moving heavy materials here and there all the time. Here is where stainless steel corner guards come in. These corner guards can help protect your walls a great deal as well as your furniture and or equipment. As such, you can end up saving a lot of money which you would have, otherwise, used in the wall repairs and replacements and save on a lot of time which would have been used in these repairs and replacements. This article has highlighted some important details you may be interested in knowing when it comes to the stainless-steel corner guards.

  1. Applications

Corner guards can serve a lot of different purposes, especially in high-traffic areas like medical facilities and kitchens which are usually filled with lots of heavy equipment. The parking garages, as well as the loading docks, also need to have strong corner guards installed on them to avoid stuff like crates, moving equipment or vehicles from breaking their walls when they bump into them. Stainless steel corner guards are very strong applications which are sure to protect your walls and any other appliances that you need to cover damages.

  1. Purpose

You find that your chances of bumping into corners are usually when wheeling, carrying or dragging something heavy in the hallway. And in most cases, you find that the bumps occur when the load is obstructing your line of sight. And even though the bumps may look to be just a few streaks on your wall, they tend to turn to scratch, then cracks, dents, and even missing wall pieces over time. Stainless steel corner guards work best to prevent any occurrences of wear and tear on your walls despite any alterations in the environment like heat or cold environments.

  1. Installation

Most people usually just attach these stainless-steel corner guards to their business walls, but screws are usually more preferable due to the weight of the steel plate materials themselves.

  1. Types

There are many different types of stainless steel corner guards which you can choose from depending on the type of wall you want to use them on and for what purpose. You simply need to identify what you need to use these types of corner guards like in the kitchen, or medical facilities, or laboratories, before you purchase them.

  1. Sizes and styles

These appliances come in different styles and sizes depending on the preference of the customer. All of the corner guards feature at 90° angles.

  1. Advantages

Stainless steel contains about 10.5% of chromium by mass which enables it to not show any signs of corrosion, water stains, or even rust like you would notice with any of the other ordinary steel. This enables stainless-steel products to constantly maintain their levels of hardness and durability even when exposed to extreme environments.