Blog · December 5, 2017

Top 4 Waste Disposal Methods and How They Work

Every home or business has to have its waste disposed off properly. When contacting the services of a waste management company, it is crucial to ensure the company has enough experience with waste handling to protect the environment from harm. The following are ways of waste disposal that any reputable waste disposal company should practice:

1. Landfills

This refers to the process of collecting waste and burying it in a dump site. Before the waste is buried, it is usually sorted out into different categories such as waste that is recyclable, those which need to be treated first, and those which are hazardous. The landfill site has to be an area with a low water bed table, and the soil layer has to be non-porous with a protective lining to prevent the wastes from mixing with the groundwater. Landfill sites also use a trash compactor. These are machines which use hydraulics to reduce the size of the waste by compressing it. The compaction equipment may vary depending on the type of waste material and the industry such as the agricultural trash compactor and construction industry compactors.

2. Incineration

This method uses high temperatures to turn solid waste into residue and gas. Burning the wastes largely reduces their volume which is the advantage of this method. Other benefits include the fact that it requires less space compared to landfills and it can also be used to dispose of all types of waste including hazardous biological waste materials. It also generates heat or steam during the combustion process which can be used to create electricity.

3. Recycling

It refers to the method where waste materials are collected, and instead of being destroyed, they are converted into usable forms by being turned into new products. A wide range of consumer products can be recycled including plastics, paper, glass bottles, aluminum beverage cans, and rubber tires. The advantage of recycling products is that it reduces environmental pollution, saves on energy that would have been used to incinerate the waste, and it reduces the volume of landfills as well. Recycling is one of the best environmental friendly methods of waste disposal. The Rotoble Compaction website has more online resources available.

4. Composting

This process of waste management occurs mostly in organic farming, where organic materials are heaped in a central place and decomposed. The compost materials could be made of household waste such as kitchen waste, which is then mixed with other plant and garden waste. Once decomposed, the waste can be used to increase soil fertility for your garden as it possesses valuable nutrients and improves your crop yield. Composting has several advantages as it reduces environmental pollution by reducing the amount of waste going to landfills. It is also used in controlling soil erosion and improving the soil fertility.

A Final Thought:

Waste disposal is a practice that should be encouraged and taken seriously by all households and businesses alike. The above methods are ways that could be used to handle your waste disposal either personally or by a reputable waste management company to keep the environment safe.