Blog · December 15, 2018

Top 4 Ways to Refresh Wooden Windows

Windows trimmed with wood can last for decades with proper maintenance, but the natural material takes a lot of punishment from the environment. The sun dries it over time, and moisture continually tries to slip into the frame and rot the windows out.

All of these conditions can be treated and prevented, and when the project is complete, the refreshed wooden frames accent the windows and home and give it new curb appeal. The four ways to refresh wooden window frames are:

1. Paint

Keeping up on the paint is probably the most common way to maintain the structures. Before starting the project, check the wood and make sure it is still firm and free from rot and pest damage. If the wood is soft, you may need to replace some of it before continuing. If it is in good condition, scrape away any old loose paint chips. If you suspect the coating may be a lead-based paint, follow local codes by using a wet removal system or other safe methods.

Once the wood is cleaned up, mask off the glass, and apply a coat of primer. The primer will help the final paint layer adhere better and extends its life. Once the primer has dried, apply the final colored paint.

2. Varnish

This type of sealant can become flaky over time. Scrape or gently brush off any loss flakes. If it is in particularly bad condition, use a commercial stripper to melt off the residue. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the cleanup. Once dried and clean, apply a new layer of varnish.

You will need to use at least two coats. Four layers may be appropriate to achieve the desired the coverage. When layering varnish, it is essential to allow each coat to dry completely before continuing. You may find more info at Panes if you are looking for additional resources.

3. Wood Stain

Remove any residue with a paint scraper or soft brush. If the stain is old and flaky, you may need to strip it away with a chemical remover. If so, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Next, brush on the new stain. After the stain has dried, paint on a sealant, like polyurethane, to protect the wood and stain. After it dries, apply a second and final layer of the sealant.

4. Replace the Wood

If the wood is rotten, it is time to replace it. The process can be broken down into four steps, and each step takes some time, so do not rush it. Begin by prying off the rotten wood. Once it is off, spray or push new insulation between the window and walls. Cut a new piece of wood, and nail it to the house. Finally, paint and protect your new wooden window frame from the environment.