Blog · May 30, 2018

Use These 6 Tips To Take Your Courier Services To The Next Level

Just like any other business, a courier service also requires constant updates so as to fit in the modern and dynamic world. In order to stay relevant and compete competitively, one has to make the most out of their workforce and workday. Delivery services are very important to your clients and you must ensure effectiveness in your business. Include new features that will take your courier Toronto services business to the next level and below are five tips to ensure this.

1. Simplify the internal process

Most courier services fail because they use a number of programs or systems for as little as one internal process. These systems will complicate the rather simple task making the entire process slow and very frustrating. A long and stressful process will definitely affect your business. It is therefore wise to come up with a system that is simple, fast and efficient.

2. Speed up communications with the warehouse

Keeping a delivery locked somewhere between the actual order process and customer’s order is normally the worst way to slow down the entire delivery process. The whole point of a successful courier service is not to make the delivery process quick but instantaneous. This can be achieved by keeping close communication with the warehouse.

3. Neatness is a must

You should be as neat as a surgeon when it comes to processing your orders. Be sure to know the exact location of all items in the warehouse and use tools such as scanning devices so as to get current and updated information of your stock. Train your staff to handle all the parcels well and carefully so that they reach their targets in the perfect order. No one would want a dirty or tattered delivery.

4. Develop a list of courier services

Never rely on one courier service. Always have some backup options because some services will always be better than others especially when it comes to the location and urgency of your deliveries. Ensure that you have all the services that are available to you as well as their rates per weight and destinations. With this information at hand, you’ll just consult your list and use the service that is most appropriate for each delivery. It is also imperative to use public postal services as not all are as bad as people think.

5. Make use of EDI

EDI is the common abbreviation of electronic data interchange and is normally employed to replace the conventional paperwork with the new electronic date. As expected, getting rid of this tiresome and gruesome paperwork will make the entire process much easier and efficient. This will also allow larger volume of deliveries to be processed simultaneously and at a faster rate. This will also help you save more.

6. Prepare for customs clearance in advance

The custom clearing process is a very long and frustrating process which can’t be avoided. However, there is a possible solution to make the process much better by declaring the items online even before they leave the country. This will clear the process from the customs to the destination saving you more time and stress.