Blog · October 14, 2022

What to Put in Dog Lover Gift Basket

If you know someone with a dog or even more than one dog, there may come a special occasion where you can give them a gift basket for their doggie. You can even include something for them, such as a coffee mug, when they take their dog out for walkies.

There are many dog lover gift basket ideas out there. You can explore them or even develop something if you are creative. Your friend will truly appreciate receiving such a gift, not the dog! Dogs tend to know when there is something in it for them, and they will go bonkers! We all pretty much know what dogs are like!

Here are the best items that you can put in a dog lover gift basket:

Dog Food

A cookie box filled with assorted, healthy cookies for dogs is a good idea that both owners and dogs will appreciate. These can be themed, such as a Christmas cookie box for Christmas gift baskets. However, it does not always have to be the case.

If you know when the dog is having a birthday, you can get a special doggie cookie box that is guaranteed to set tails wagging like a windmill!

Many of these come individually wrapped, so they can keep for a while. However, knowing dogs (and owners who love to spoil their fur babies), these may disappear within a blink of an eye! But seriously, this is a good idea because dogs love treats, and it will go down well with the owner.

Dog Accessories

Whether you buy a basket kit or put something together yourself, here are a few ideas you can look for in either option. You can place things such as harnesses, leashes, collars or even clothing into the basket. If you buy a basket, ask the salesperson if they offer something along these lines. These are useful gifts that the owner will be really happy to receive.

A harness may be better than a collar, as it does not strain the dog’s neck, should they be one of those dogs that like to pull you along.

Dog Clothes

You can even add T-shirts for the dog. Do not use this on a hot day. However, you could wear a T-shirt during spring or fall or perhaps when it’s raining.

Then, there are winter clothes to keep your dog warm. You can also place booties in the basket to protect their paws from the cold and salt.

Dog Bowls

You can add water bowls to the basket. You could also add a portable water bowl, especially during travel or if you take your dog out for long walks or play sessions, especially when it is hot. You could buy a pet bed and a pet pillow. These may not fit into a basket, but there is no reason to rule these out as gifts for a dog lover.

Dog Poop Bags

Another thing you can easily fit into a gift basket is poop bags. You know these will be used constantly, so this is a great addition to any dog gift basket.

Dog Toys

The moment your dog lays its eyes on a toy, especially one that squeaks or makes some noise, that is it! All hell breaks loose! They won’t stop playing with it, sniffing it, admiring and investigating it.

Sometimes, they may damage the squeaker or rip the toy, but believe us, it is still worth it to see the joy it brings them. Just like the treats, you can add a variety of toys, so the dog can have lots of fun over a certain period.

Get a sturdy basket, especially if you put this together yourself. You could also shop around for ready-made dog baskets filled with goodies. The idea is that the owner can reuse the basket once the goodies are all gone. A good basket can be used to keep all of the dog’s toys in one convenient place.

Then when your dog wants to play with a toy, he or she can pick out their favourite since they know where it is kept.

Dog Treats

Dogs love toys. Dogs love treats. You put these together and have a perfect gift basket for a dog. The owner will be happy too. Try to get healthier dog treats. You may want to speak to the owner about any medical issues. Some treats are higher in fat and sodium. If this is an issue, then you can always get something healthier. You can add a variety of treats to the basket.

You can’t go wrong with treats and toys when thinking about dog lover gift basket ideas. Make sure to remove any labels or hazardous material, so the dog does not swallow it. You can consider the odd present for the owner as well.