Blog · November 30, 2018

4 Major Advantages of Using a Real Estate CRM

Real estate managers and agents need to remain in close contact with their clients. If you run a real estate agency, you will need to invest heavily in the development of a real estate CRM system. With so many clients to deal with and appointments to keep, it’s often very difficult for real estate agents to keep track of everything. If you visit a client and haven’t done your research beforehand, or have forgotten what they told you before, it’s obviously not going to paint a very good impression on your clients. Instead of doing everything by yourself, why not invest in a high quality customer relationship management (CRM) system? Here are four major advantages that you get for using a CRM system.

1. Organization

One of the main reasons why you should consider using a client relationship management system is because it helps keep all of your client information in one place. Real estate agents have plenty of contacts that they need to remain in touch with, such as social media agents, referrals, leads from direct mail campaigns, and from several other sources. With a powerful CRM solution, you will be able to keep all of your contact information in a single, well-organized place that is easy to access. Additional information is available at the Ixact Real Estate CRM website.

2. Keep in Touch

With a powerful CRM solution, you will also be able to keep in touch with all of your clients. Not only does a CRM solution make it easy for you to attract potential clients, but it also helps you keep in touch with your past clients. If a previous client is looking for a house, you can remind them that you are available by sending follow-up mails. It’s not necessary for you to bombard your customers with marketing emails again and again, but shooting them an email every few months can remind them of what you can do for them.

3. Respond Quickly to Inquiries

Another reason why you should consider using a real estate CRM solution is because it makes it easy for you to respond quickly to inquiries. If you are busy and cannot immediately respond to a query, you can create a customized message with the real estate CRM solution so that clients know that you will answer their queries as soon as you are back. It’s much better than letting a prospective client hang in the balance because they don’t get a reply. It’s a much more professional way of dealing with incoming clients and queries.

4. Automation

With the help of a CRM solution, you can automate a number of different tasks, so that you don’t have to burden yourself with menial things. Automation is necessary for busy real estate agents who are busy throughout the day. You can program the CRM system so that it quickly answers standard queries or sends emails at different times. More importantly, the CRM system will also remind you when you have an appointment, so you never miss a meeting!