Blog · October 1, 2017

4 Things to Know About Corner Guards

Many details go into building a safe home. Most homeowners do not out emphasize on protecting walls. The edge of the walls can easily come out when moving objects or just walking by. There are many corner guards in the market, and one of the favorite ones are the aluminum and stainless steel corner guards. Each one is for different purposes. They are an effective way to protect wall so furniture restaurant and even equipment. Additionally, the guards, help in avoiding renovations which may be costly and time-consuming. Below are just some of the things one should know about guards.

1. Purpose

There is no doubt that one can bump into the corners when carrying heavy items or wheeling. The streaks can turn into dents, scratches, and missing pieces. The guards help prevent the wall from going through wear and tear. The best edge guards should not discolor or break over time. They need not provide the corner with protection all the time. Well, designed corner guards are crack and scratch proof. They offer protection no matter the changes in the room. Furthermore, the corner guards provide a finished look to the home. They also save the homeowner from damage repairs.

2. Types

There are two main types of guards. They are stainless steel and aluminum guards. Companies opt for any of the two depending on the method of application. The aluminum guards are prevalent in industrial environments. They are available in a wide variety of colors, like clear, black, silver and white. Home owners can choose any color that suits the room. The wall guards, on the other hand, give a modern look and are popular in medical facilities, laboratories, and kitchens.

3. Applications

The guards have different uses in a commercial business or residential areas. Restaurant places them in areas with high traffic like the kitchen. Healthcare facilities, on the other hand, use them on laboratories where there is heavy equipment. In parking garages, they come in handy in preventing the vehicles, moving materials and crates from getting any damage. Using stainless steel gives a long-lasting protection.

4. Installation

Most prefer using the stainless steel guards because of easy installation. Anyone can install the stainless or aluminum guards. Furthermore, installation takes only a few minutes. To install the guards, one can either use screws or adhesives. There is no need to hire any specific person to do the installation.

The edge guards are an important addition to any home or business venture. They can save homeowners from spending vast sums of money on repairs. Moreover, they are easy to install. Companies can choose any type depending on the kind of building. They will keep the home looking as good as new. Please visit Boss Corner Guards for additional information.