Blog · June 15, 2017

How Shipping Companies Can Improve Your Company’s Logistics

Many manufacturing firms in a wide range of industries use the services of shipping companies to get their goods to a desirable location. Shipping companies make it more convenient and cost-effective for you to get your goods to consumers for purchase, to transport goods to other facilities you own and more in comparison to completing these tasks in-house.

It is common practice for manufacturing business to use the services of logistic companies to improve in-house manufacturing operations, but little attention is often given to shipping processes because these services our outsourced. However, time and attention should still be given to your selection of the best shipping companies for your needs. Through a strategic analysis of the options available, you can more successfully make the best choice for your company’s needs.


Explore Shipping Routes and Methods

Some companies unfortunately hire shipping companies based on cost and availability of service alone, but wise business owners and managers will delve into the logistical aspects of different shipping service providers before deciding which one to work with. A smart idea is to learn more about the specific shipping routes and methods that will be used to ship your goods. You may assume, for example, that your goods will be shipped via a trailer truck directly from point A to point B. However, many are surprised to learn that shipping service providers may take a less direct route or may not use the most effective shipping method possible. This can impact your shipping costs, the time required to deliver the goods and even their condition once they reach the marketplace.

Compare Shipping Costs and Timelines

While it is important to learn more about the shipping routes and methods used by various shipping companies, you also need to continue with your research to learn more about costs and timelines. Savvy business owners and managers will analyze the cost to complete shipping processes in house using the most direct and cost-effective approach, and they will compare this against the best shipping quotes they receive from the top companies. This may enable you to make the best decision about your shipping processes, and it may also help you to negotiate for a better deal.


Shipping services are a critical component to many business’s operations, but these services vary far more drastically than you might think. Your primary goal is to get your goods to the endpoint in the fastest and most affordable way possible. By learning more about the logistics of different companies and researching the process more thoroughly on your own, you can make a more informed decision about which company to contract with for shipping services. The 3PL Links website may provide additional insights if you need more information.