Blog · June 21, 2017

Things to Consider in Loading Dock Equipment

The first and final contact at any facility is the loading dock. It is the point where your company receives packages and where the products get shipped to your clients. Today’s docks are modernized such that it is important to select and install the best equipment for more productivity and safety. To create an efficient and safe bridge between trucks, trailer and facilities isn’t an easy task.

Each cargo being shipped gets in a truck at some point. Since so many people use trucks to ship items, it is necessary to ensure that your loading dock at the company is properly equipped with equipment such as dock levelers, door scissor lifts, dock seals, truck restraints as well as truck and rail shelters. It’s important to follow some guidelines when choosing the equipment you want to place in the loading dock. Here are the guidelines:

Loading Dock Equipment Checklist

Selecting the right equipment for the loading dock depends on each business. This is because the equipment is based on the companies’ specific needs. Nevertheless, the following tips can help you to make an informed decision:

Identify your needs – knowing your needs will assist you to know the right equipment for the job. Keep your space requirements in mind. Also, be sure to consider the types of vehicles that are likely to use the loading dock, including the weight of the loads coming in and out of the dock.

Safety of your employees – always prioritize the safety of your employees before anything else. The dock will manage a lot of activities, not to mention heavy packages that have to be handled with utmost care when in transit to avoid accidents.

Ease of Operation – simplicity is key when it comes to loading docks. The simple the piece of equipment is the more your employees will find it easy to use hence it will save time. This means more productivity and more profits for the business. Check out the Wilcox Door Service Inc. website to learn more information with their online resources.

Reliability/Durability – your loading dock equipment is going to be put to the test. Opt for the machine that is well built and will function accurately for long. If any equipment isn’t working, it means your work isn’t being done.

Support from the supplier/manufacturer – as you chose a piece of equipment, ensure that the manufacturer or the supplier can stand by the item you intend to buy in case a problem arises. Ask how long the warranty lasts.

Be sure to take time and research extensively before you can choose the equipment you’ll purchase for your loading dock.