Blog · September 3, 2018

5 Positive Attributes of Promotional Products

Promotional products are often seen at conventions and at business locations. Restaurants, retail stores, and major brands all use them to boost awareness of their products. They also act as ongoing advertising tools. When people receive a promotional product, they often carry it around for others to see. The cost is minimal when they help to bring in a new customer base. Consider these 5 benefits of using this marketing technique.

1. Low Cost Advertising

These products are usually mass produced at a low cost. When you order things like caps, water bottles, and tote bags, they come in boxes with hundreds of samples. Many companies can place your business name or logo on a variety of premade items. This makes it easy to keep costs low. This can be much less costly than videos, billboards, and commercials. For additional insights, please visit Brandability.

2. Far Reaching and Long-term Marketing

When someone receives a promotional product, they may use it for a long time. Water bottles, for example are something that many people collect for daily use. You may give out water bottles in one area, and the recipient may take it to the gym daily or on a far-away trip. This allows for continuous advertising without any further effort. You never know how far these products may travel.

3. Acts as a Reminder

Even if people do not use your product or service immediately, they may need it at some point in the future. Once they own promotional products, they are likely to call on your business first. It acts as a business card when you include your company contact information. Something like a tote bag may be used daily. The logo and business name become memorable. This raises the chances that your business is the one they turn to.

4. Reaches the Target Audience

The target audience for your product may be a certain gender or age group, for example. Your items can easily help to target the right crowd. If you are searching for customers to purchase baby products, you may send out baby hats or bibs. These can reach the target audience of new moms when they are included in their hospital gift bag. College students can be reached on campus during class days. Hand out something all students use, such as t-shirts, pens, or notebooks.

5. Minimal time to Execute

It does not take long to have these products ordered and distributed. They can be ordered in bulk with the push of a button from your computer. When they arrive, you can easily drop them off in areas to be distributed or send a representative to an event or venue. An intern can usually handle this, making it even easier on other employees.

Take some time to research the different items available. Choose one or two that fit well with your target audience or business goal. Common use items are more likely to be noticed and kept in circulation. Your company can flourish with this simple marketing technique.