Blog · October 3, 2017

5 Reasons Businesses Hire Courier Services

Rapid courier services can be a vital asset for a small business. They avoid many pitfalls associated with other shipping methods and offer a few concrete advantages of their own, which makes them an option that every manager should consider. There are more resources available at FlagShip.

1. Rapid Delivery

Most of the businesses that choose to employ a courier service do so because they are one of the fastest delivery options on the market. Most of them will offer single-day shipping within their main area of operations, and many can offer deliveries outside that area within a couple more days. That makes them the only viable option in many cases where time is of the essence. Since most customers value rapid deliveries, it can also make them a useful tool for boosting customer satisfaction even when quick deliveries are not crucial.

2. Small Packages

The average courier service is optimized for dealing with a relatively small number of small packages. That stands in contrast to bulk shipping services, which focus on larger deliveries. That emphasis means that a courier is often more cost-efficient for shipping a small cargo than other carriers, who usually offer much better deals for bulk shipping than they do for small packages.

3. Extra Security

The personal attention that packages receive from a courier service often leads to improved security. Most services are willing to offer specific services, such as requiring a signature from a specific individual as part of the delivery, that make the packages safer. Most alternative shipping methods do not offer that level of protection, which makes the services an ideal choice for valuables that could be tempting to thieves during a normal delivery.

4. Extra Care

Most postal services are swamped with a large number of packages each day. They need to deal with them quickly so that they can get through all of their work, and that means that they are not always treated with quite as much care as they deserve. In contrast, courier services deal with a relatively low number of parcels, which makes it easier to treat each one carefully. That makes them ideal for small business shipping of fragile products with relatively high values, since they drastically reduce the risk of expensive accidents.

5. Improved Tracking

Buyers often appreciate the chance to track their packages as they move through the mail. Most postal services do offer that service, but they only update their tracker when the package checks in at an office, either for delivery or to be transferred to a new vehicle. Courier services tend to offer greater precision. That allows buyers to keep an eye on their package throughout the day and feel confident that it is still moving, which can lead to an increase in customer satisfaction.