October 15, 2022

8 Best Forensic Movies for the Analytical Mind

Since the dawn of shows such as CSI and its numerous spinoffs, North America has been obsessed with forensic science. However, it has created a lot of myths about the field of forensics and how DNA compositions actually work:

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November 19, 2019

12 Fun Office Supplies for Your Desk

There are people who only display serious yet functional office supplies on their desks. And there are people who work surrounded by fun gadgets and cool, colourful objects. Those are often the ones who know how to make their coworkers smile or laugh during a boring, or stressful day.

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November 17, 2019

8 Proper Ways on How to Hold a Wine Glass

Have you ever wondered why wine glasses are shaped in such a strange way? Why the long stem, and delicate glass that makes them so easy to break and tip over? More recently, we’ve seen the introduction of stemless wine glasses, which have essentially changed the rules of how to hold a wine glass. Wherever you are, whatever event you...

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November 13, 2019

12 Most Useful Things to 3D Print

The possibilities when it comes to 3D printing are very exciting. In addition to endless opportunities when it comes to design innovation, 3D printing is also more accessible to the average person than it has ever been before. What being said, a lot of things being 3D printed tend to be a bit useless, trinkets or ornaments that are interesting...

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October 30, 2019

12 Easy Startup Company Ideas for New Businesses

Starting a company can be quite risky, stressful and challenging. Factors such as startup capital, legal requirements and assets needed are critical when starting a new business. The first step to starting a new business is finding a need or a gap in the market and conducting in-depth research to understand how to meet these needs. The challenge is beginning...

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